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Season 4 on DVD - 5/13/2008

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    Season 4, the first without Martin Landau and Barbara Bain and the first with Leonard Nimoy as the "Amazing Paris," arrives on DVD May 13.


    I've bought and enjoyed Seasons 1-3, but I have heard and read that the overall quality of the show declines once Landau and Bain leave. Landau and his disguises are my favorite part of the show, so I'm reluctant to pick this one up. I may rent it and see how I like it. Do any M:I fans have any thoughts?

    And on a (slightly) related note, I think Paramount is far and away the best studio handling theircla$$ic TV releases on DVD. Sure, the extra features may not be great, but they've delivered sets for shows with great picture and sound quality. They usually don't abandon series the way other studios do, and they roll sets out a good clip.

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    They have been running the Leonard Nimoy episodes on GTN. The show is as inventive and exciting as before, but without the two best characters, there is obviously something missing.

    The episode I watched the other night had Lee Meriweather in the female role... nothing against her, she's a lovely woman, but she was very unconvincing. I always thought Leslie Ann Warren was hott, so I give her a pass, but really, Barbara Bain was irreplaceable. The same goes for Martin Landau. Leonard Nimoy is a darn good actor but Paris was just never as, for lack of a better word, cool as Rollin Hand. And none of the women that followed had the Mata Hari-esque quality of Cinnamon Carter, she was the perfect female spy. Of course, Barney and Willie are still there, not to mention Mr. Phelps, its still a great show but I think the first 3 seasons will always be considered the best for the reasons stated.

    That said, I just got season 3 and am in the midst of watching it and I look forward to season 4.

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