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Was "Mission: Impossible" TV show made in Europe?

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    I thought that the "Mission: Impossible" TV show was made in USA and Europe because some scenes took place in Europe until I watched "The Train" episode where the IMF team simulated a train ride. They used USA rolling stock instead of European rolling stock. If the TV show was made in USA only, there was a small van in the show that I have never seen in real life in USA.


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    The original Mission Impossible of the mid-60s was originally a Deslilu Studios production and then a Paramount studio show when Deslilu was sold by Lucille Ball who obtained control of the studio as part of her divorce settlement with Desi Arnaz The series waas filmed completly in the USA, in fact it never left So Cal using the surrounding area of L A like the desert, mountains or beach to film footage shots for various countries the IMF was supposedly at. They also used foreign cars and phones to further simulate locations abroad. Curiously in just about every episode one can find a goof that shows they are not in a faraway fictitious land, some of the common giveaways are landmarks, wrong electric connections and plumbing, occasionaly spelling errors of a foreign language etc As a lifelong Pasadenan who is old enough to have seen the first run airing of the original series as a teen , my family and friends would often delight in seeing Pasadena City hall and other city of pasdena building in the civic center plaza serve as an embassy, court house, capital building or other foreign building. often during a chase scen oe final getaway one could see it was filmed in L A's Griffith Park, or our many mountain roads as wellas Descanso Gardesn, Huntingtom Museum, Japanese Gardens, the Aboretum-home of Fantasy Island etc

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