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Your Worst Season 1 Episode ?

What is your least favourite episode from Season 1 ?

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    [1]Feb 27, 2007
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    Personally I love watching all the Mission Impossible season 1 episodes, but there are a couple I think are pretty poor when compared to other episodes in the series .

    If you have a different episode than any that are listed please post a message to let us know which one it is and why :-)

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    [2]Feb 27, 2007
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    Why do you consider the ones you listed poor?

    Zubrovnik's is okay enough for what it is. It just isn't a M:I episode, although it has its moments.

    Elena has a good performance by Barbara Luna, although again it's not really a M:I episode.

    Wheels is... kinda slow, about average. And Memory has a good performance by Paulsen.

    I'd probably go with Confession, which seems to be dragged out forever with Rollin's escape and hauling around Solowiechek, and them sending Dan in to fake painting when they could just... well, find an agent who can paint. Why not get the guy who did the portrait?
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    [3]Feb 28, 2007
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    I must say the word ‘poor’ in my original post is a bit misleading. I didn’t mean ‘poor’ as in ‘Plan 9 from Outer Space’ poor, I meant not as high on the scale as other episodes .

    I listed those episodes because there was something I didn’t like about them as I watched them that made them stick in my mind . I know people have differing views that’s why I added ‘Another’ episode .

    ‘Zubrovnik's Ghost’ is my least favourite because as exactly as you said, it is not an I:M episode and it's not an I:M episode by a very long shot indeed, it is totally out of place in the series.

    I did however like the scene where the medium is locked in the room being attacked by bees, the bees are obviously stuck along strings and are being wiggled around from above to make it look as though they are swarming, it is very effective though .

    Wheels’ was a great episode right up until the point where we have the farcical, and absurd shenanigans with the faked stroke and the antics with the polling booth curtain and Barney hiding under the trolley, it was just asking us to suspend disbelief a little too much !

    ‘Memory’ was a good episode to although the plotting was very hard to understand the first few times around, but I totally agree Paulsen was superb.

    'Elena' was okay although a bit along the lines as ‘Zubrovnik's Ghost’ , I just threw that in for good measure.

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    [4]Feb 28, 2007
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    Mine would be "The Short-Tail Spy." Too much of the "romance" between Cinammon and the assassin, none of which is convincing, and it really isn't an "impossible mission." Taking pictures to ruin the reputation of the assassin? Doesn't seem like they needed the talents of Briggs, Cinammon and Barney to pull that one off.
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    [5]Jan 18, 2008
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    my only least favorites of season so far are:
    Elena it was ok but I wasn't all that impressed by it!
    I also didn't like Zubrobnik's ghost!The whole plot was stupid!
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    [6]May 28, 2008
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    Zubrobnik's ghost: the whole story line was bad, the effects bad, the guest psychic bad....in a word this episode was B-A-D, one of my top 5 worst MI episodes
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    [7]Jun 23, 2008
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    I have some problems with both "Zubrovnik's Ghost" and "The Confession." With "Ghost," I feel there was a major change in plot after rehearsals, if not actual filming, began. The painting of Kurt Zubrovnik that looms over the proceedings bears such a resemblance to actor Philip Abbott that I felt the man was supposed to turn up alive at some point, probably the climax. Admittedly, the man in a close -up photo, seen both in the tape scene and from Barney's projector, looks very little like Abbott, but he doesn't look much like the painting either. There are other plot holes. Note that while Rollin figures IMF medium Ariana is right in thinking that Kurt is alive and being tortured by the villains for the information they claim to be getting from him via seances, he dismisses how she claims to have gotten the idea, from communication with the spirit world. Yet, minutes later, when she declares to have learned, the same way, that Kurt now actually has just died, Hand immediately and completely accepts it with no hint of an explanation as to why he does. Worst, as the team drives away at the finish, Ariana admits to having faked being possessed by the titular entity, though she had earlier insisted she would not consider psychic fakery (it is very possible that Barney lied about finding the fireplace damper open, to make a mystery out of the fireplace smoke not going up the chimney).

    With "Confession," another painting causes problems, in exactly the way that I suspect the one in "Ghost" does. IMF target R. J. McMillan has a portrait of the supposedly assassinated Senator Townsend on display in his home. The subject is easily recognizable as actor Kent Smith, and Townsend does indeed turn up alive late in this episode. Smith, at least at that time, was a very familiar face, if not name, and the revelation of his non-death is (or, again, at the time was) completely emasculated.

    In general, I agree with Goose-62's opening comments, that all first season episodes are good but some compare unfavorably to the others. Similarly, I felt that the drop in Emmy recognition for the series in later seasons was the result of voters comparing M:I to what it had previously been, not to what it was actually competing with then.

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    [8]Nov 24, 2008
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    Wheels, Elena and Memory were episodes which i like ! The worstest is definitly the resculant Dragon. There is no Action in this episode. It's just boring. The worstest M:I - Episode which I know. Even Zubrovnics Ghost has more Action.
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