Mission: Impossible

Season 5 Episode 4


Aired Saturday 9:00 PM Oct 10, 1970 on CBS

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  • This is...Mission: Impossible?

    If there's another series this episode will remind you of, it's the classic whodunnit "Murder: She Wrote" which premiered in households a decade and-a-half later. The elements are all here, including obvious red-herring suspects (everyone suddenly wears the same thick glasses), the largely ineffectual police force, and local folk ready to point fingers at any weirdo who crosses their eye. Much of this is Jim's episode, and you wish they'd stuck to Gellar's rule of minimizing character development, as you get some cheesy moments of Jim reflecting on his childhood (one of which randomly helps Jim deduce the identity of the killer). There's not much IMF action going on here, as if outsmarting a local sheriff would take a crack team of specialists to pull off. Look for Loretta Swit in a pre-M*A*S*H appearance as the local bartender. Worth watching once, but this one deviates a bit too far from the usual IMF setup to get much replay.