Mission: Impossible

Season 5 Episode 10


Aired Saturday 9:00 PM Nov 21, 1970 on CBS

Episode Recap

Jim picks up his briefing at an empty camper parked next to a playground. The IMF must rescue Dr. Frederick Kolda, the leader of a black movement in African East Victoria. The ailing Kolda is in a hospital and subject to interrogation, and must be rescued.

In African East Victoria, Doug and another IMF agent sneak into the hospital as doctors, then get into Kolda's room. Doug tends to Kolda while the other agent uses thermite on the window's bars. They then fold out a chute and drop Kolda down to the waiting Jim, Paris, and Dana. However, the plan goes awry when the Chief Inspector arrives and realizes Kolda is gone. He sounds the alarm and Doug and the other agent split up. The other man is shot in the leg while escaping out the window. Doug gets to the van and the team is forced to leave seconds before their other teammate can get there. The agent takes refuge in the ghetto as the black locals get off the streets and lock their doors. Finally the man stumbles into a seamstress shop where the owner, Maryana, finds him. The agent collapses and she discovers that he's wearing a mask: it's Barney in disguise.

Maryana conceals Barney from the police while Doug makes sure that Kolda is okay. Jim determines they have to get Kolda out of the country first before going back for Barney, then load him on a helicopter where the pilot warns them they only have ten hours until the radar comes back up. Chief Inspector Banco tells his assistant Follet to seal the borders.

Maryana is tending to Barney in a back room when he realizes that she's a deaf-mute. Her cousin Luddy arrives and is looking for Barney for the reward, and wants her to lend him some money. She gives him what she has and after he leaves she checks on Barney who has slipped out the back, and Banco orders a house-to-house search. Meanwhile Jim has Paris disguise himself as a similarly-dressed man with a leg wound to draw the police to a different area.

Maryana finds Barney just before the police do and gets him away from the police by pretending he's a drunk. Paris goes to a pharmacist to let himself be seen and robs him for morphine. The pharmacist triggers a silent alarm and his staff sees Paris from the next room and calls the police. The pharmacist's black assistant warns Paris and he quickly makes his escape.

Barney tries to find out if Maryana has a car so he can rendezvous with the team, but she can't help him. he tries to get her to leave him but she refuses. He takes off on his own but almost stumbles into another police search. Left with no choice, he goes with Maryana.

The pharmacist describes Paris to Banco and Follet and they redirect their search. Jim and Doug are disguised as police and hear the new orders. Maryana hides Barney in a secret room in her shop that was used by her father, a dissident, and prepares to remove the bullet. Meanwhile Paris lets himself get spotted in a couple of other locations and the police soon spot him. Jim and Doug take over the search teams in the area Barney is at.

Maryana successfully removes the bullet, and Barney demonstrates his new knowledge of sign language gained from a book. She then gives Barney an article explaining that her father worked with Kolda and was shot and killed by Chief Inspector Banco while escaping from a prison camp. Barney learns she wasn't born deaf-mute and he concludes the condition may be psychological and brought on by her father's death. Jim arrives at the door still dressed as a policeman and searches the place, but Maryana doesn't give Barney away. As Jim gets close to the secret door, she considers stabbing him with a pair of scissors but he leaves without finding anything.

Paris enters a garage where he holds one man at gunpoint but the other one swings a winch at him, cracking his ribs. Paris manages to hold them off and make his escape but he's now injured for real.

Barney gives Maryana direction to the rendezvous spot and she goes there, but is chased off by the police as Dana secretly looks on. She notices that Maryana is deaf (when she doesn't respond to the police siren). Maryana goes back to the shop while Jim recognizes Maryana from Dana's description and concludes she's involved with Barney. Dana, Jim, and Doug head back to the shop with less then an hour remaining.

Luddy arrives to ask for money and notices Barney's bloody clothing, and demands she turn him over. He calls Banco and Maryana attacks him, while the IMF burst into the shop and subdue Luddy. Dana convinces Maryana they're on Barney's side and shows them the hiding spot. they leave, taking Maryana with them, just as Banco arrives. He finds Luddy and realizes the IMF are disguised as police.

Paris has made his way out into the surrounding hills and out to the dam, and contacts the others by radio. They arrange for him to rendezvous at a tower. The police give chase but Jim manages to knock them off the road with a well-aimed shot. They get to the helicopter, then pick up Paris from the top of the tower and fly out of the country.