Mission: Impossible

Season 7 Episode 22


Aired Saturday 9:00 PM Mar 30, 1973 on CBS

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  • A great show to end the series with. It fits nicely into the style of the show -- a plot so carefully concocted that the bad guys are compelled to follow the script and the outcome is inevitable. Was Jena playing Barney or vice versa?

    Jena (Barbara McNair), with help from the syndicate, masterminds the heist of the crown jewels of Marnsburg (a hostile country) before they can be delivered to the United Nations for exhibition. She will turn the jewels over to the syndicate when they pay her the second installment of $2 million. IMF must get them back.

    IMF sends a message to the consolate of Marnsburg supposedly from home -- the real jewels are coming shortly. Paste jewels were substituted in the first delivery because foul play was anticipated. Willy arrives with the supposed real jewels and puts them in the embassy vault. A Jena accomplice in the security department notifies Jena.

    From here on out, Jena's actions are compelled by the story being woven to her by the IMF. Barney plays a former cellmate of Jena's deceased brother who is in hock to Jim, playing a hard nosed criminal that Barney owes a fortune to. Barney plans to steal the jewels from the embassy to bail himself out. Once she finds out her jewels are fake, she enlists Barney to steal the jewels that Willy delivered. He can do it with help of electronic devices Willy planted for him. Once Barney has brought the "real" jewels back to his partner, Jena tries to get him to let her fence them, using her feminine charm. However, he insists that he must deliver them to his mob connection. She switches the jewels so that she can deliver what she thinks are the real jewels to her syndicate partners. But, it's all an IMF illusion. A must see wrap up to the series.