Mission: Impossible

Season 7 Episode 4


Aired Saturday 9:00 PM Oct 07, 1972 on CBS

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  • "Your wife had nothing to do with Mike Apollo"

    I strongly dislike this episode because the IMF team puts a man through an emotional wringer to acheive their goal. Namely to make Robert Epic think his recently deceased wife was having an affair. Epic is therefore a sympathetic target which is a grand flaw for any MI episode. He was also an undeserving target because he had no direct link to the missing undercover agent.
  • The IMF brings a spirit to rise again.and brings a syndicate boss questioned his sanity.

    Very weak episode. Jim as an insurance clerk, as Technicke Barney, after a long time back and as a bellhop, as Willy Chauvour and Casey as the spirit of the late Leona Epic, which at the St. Patrick's Day was tragically killed. Beverly Ralston plays its role as a resurrected Leona Epic quite good but the rest of the episode is lagging very much. And somehow everything has been here already once in the series in better shape than in this episode: Jim Phelps, and a guy who a woman is seduced or seduce a female team member as a ghost, the transparent mirror wall and frequent costume changes. And really convinced me as a rogue William Boyett also does not have.