Mission: Impossible

Season 7 Episode 8


Aired Saturday 9:00 PM Nov 04, 1972 on CBS

Episode Recap

Norman Shields is a Syndicate man controlling the entertainment industry with money supplied by Benjamin Dane. Dane is sending his brother Theodore out to the west coast to operate Pantheon Studios, with Shields to remain in actual control in the background. The IMF's mission is to get the Syndicate records and bring Shields down. Jim takes Theo's place (this works because Theo and Shields have never met) and backs a production of a movie called Portrait of a Murder directed by Barney and staring Mimi, based on a murder which Shields committed years ago. Willy replaces Shields's gun with blanks and during a late night confrontation because of Shields's dislike of the plot of the movie, he "shoots" Jim. The IMF get the whole thing on tape and redub it with Theo's voice. Ben flies to the west coast after his brother's death and insists on seeing the film that Shields is so worried about - instead, the IMF has switched the tape and he sees the film of his brother's "murder." Dane fires Shields and takes the syndicate records from Shields, which are in his watch. As Dane leaves the building, Jim and Willy relieve him of the watch, at gunpoint.
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