Mission: Impossible

Season 3 Episode 22


Aired Saturday 9:00 PM Mar 30, 1969 on CBS

Episode Recap

Jim arrives at an empty building under repairs and calls down an elevator with his briefing packet. The enemy's highest placed intelligence minister, Anton Valdas, has a master list of all Allied agents who have defected. The team must get the list. Jim and Rollin meet with their contact, code-name "Sparrow," who shows them the blueprints and informs them they have an inside agent, Nicole Vedette, who works for Valdas. They plan to get in without helping her.

Rollin goes in as a retired general with Jim as his aide, and after meeting Valdas, Jim spots Nicole. Valdas meets with his superior and demonstrates the new security procedure he's put on the safe where the list is hidden.

Rollin flirts with a female guest while Jim and Nicole circle each other. Eventually Nicole calls him outside on a ruse and they flirt back and forth. They then go back in and dance, but Valdas interrupts them and sends Jim back to Rollin, then dismisses Nicole's interest in him. Rollin is feigning drunkenness and Jim has to take him upstairs to a room near Valdas' office. After Jim leaves, Rollin prepares some chloroform and knocks out the guard, while Jim goes to look for Nicole. She pulls him outside on the patio and they dance alone. Upstairs, Rollin breaks into Valdas' office and finds the safe. He opens it but sets off the alarm, and barred doors seal him in the office. The alarm rings out throughout the house and Valdas sends his men while Jim goes to investigate.

Rollin closes the door, briefly stalling the guards, and Jim grabs Valdas and uses him hostage to disarm the guards. He forces them to open the barred gate and they head out using Valdas as a shield. Rollin goes outside to get the car but Valdas manages to break free and his man shoots Jim, whole Rollin makes his escape.

Jim wakes up a jail cell, but Nicole arrives and knocks out the guard, then frees him. He reveals he knew she was an agent, but then Valdas comes in and imprisons them both. Valdas is unconcerned that his superiors will kill him once it's found the list is gone. Nicole admits that Valdas hasn't sent anyone to recover the list, and Jim wonders why. He concludes that the list is a fake and Valdas wants the Americans to get it. She says there's a double agent in Jim's division… Sparrow.

Rollin meets with another agent and passes off the list, then says he's going back to rescue Jim. In the cell, Jim plays dead to lure the guard in and then knocks the man out. They run through the woods but Jim weakens short of getting to the border, and they're forced to take refuge in a barn. They avoid the guards but Jim passes out from his wound. Nicole goes outside where a car is waiting for her--Valdas. She tells him what's going on and it's clear that she's working with the intelligence minister, and her name is on the list.

Valdas sends in a doctor to revive Jim while taunting Nicole, who has blackmail information on him. She goes into the barn, unaware that Rollin has been following Valdas and spots her. After she leaves, Valdas tells his aide to dispose of Nicole at the border. Jim wakes up while Valdas monitors them via a hidden transmitter. As she steps aside to leave, Jim goes through her purse for a cigarette and spots the transmitter. He realizes something is up but plays along with Nicole as they continue for the border. Rollin knocks out a guard and takes his uniform then heads for the border. When Jim weakens, Nicole confesses, unaware of the transmitter. Realizing Valdas will close in, they make a run for it as the intelligence minister sends out the dogs. Valdas catches them at the border and reveals he has her blackmail information. He prepares to shoot them both but Rollin gets the drop on them, disguised as a guard. Valdas shoots Nicole and Rollin guns him down. Nicole dies in Jim's arms and he has no choice but to leave her as he and Rollin make their escape.