Mission: Impossible

Season 3 Episode 21


Aired Saturday 9:00 PM Mar 23, 1969 on CBS

Episode Recap

Jim picks up a microfilm reel at a library where he's briefed on General Zek of the Karakian Army. Zek opposes a peace treaty between his kingdom and the Republic of Agir, and is working with munitions maker Ismir Najiid to provoke war by blowing up the Karak Government House where the young head of the country, King Said, plans to announce the peace treaty. The IMF must stop them. Jim assembles the standard team, plus General Tamaar, King Said's assistant.

In the apartment, the team reviews a tape of explosions and gunshots made up by Barney. Rollin plans to provide the narration spontaneously and Cinnamon gets a press card for her cover identity. Jim warns that Rollin will have to deal with human security while penetrating the nitro room, and Willy demonstrates a camera that shoots a small dart. Rollin is working on a mask for the notorious terrorist, Colonel Hakim, who uses nitroglycerine.

Barney goes to Najiid Ltd as a computer consultant to meet with Ismir Najiid and increase production, while Zek's terrorist Skora is meeting with them to plant the explosives in the government house, as well as evidence incriminating the Agirians. He leaves and goes to the Government House, where he's arrested by Willy and Rollin. Barney reprograms the Najiid Ltd. computers with override instructions for the vault doors and security systems.

At a press conference for King Said, Jim (posing as a reporter with his cover established by General Tamaar) notes that reporter Cinnamon is associated with Hakim. That night Rollin, disguised as Hakim sneaks in to Najiid's munitions factory and takes a forklift where Willy puts on a specially padded refrigerated case capable of holding three cylinders of nitroglycerin. Rollin makes his way through the factory grounds to the warehouse as Barney activates his program. A guard arrives to check out the forklift and Rollin lets him catch a glimpse of his disguised face before knocking him out.

Rollins then carefully removes the three bottles of nitroglycerine and gets them on the forklift. However, when he prepares to move out the battery goes dead. With the seconds ticking away, Rollin must remove the battery from the guard's jeep. The guards notice the sentry hasn't reported in and go to investigate as Rollin hooks up the new battery and heads for Willy. The guards find the jeep with the missing battery and start a search, only to discover the alarm doesn't work. Rollin comes to a speed bump and must slowly negotiate his way over it, without bumping the nitro. He succeeds and then raises the nitro over the wall to the waiting Willy, while the guards close in. They escape in the van as the guards open fire, unaware that a stray shot has hit the brake line.

Back at the warehouse, they check Skora who won't wake up for 12 hours. Rollin then makes up Skora to look like "Hakim" and himself to look like Skora, while Willy rigs the truck for radio control. Zek and Najiid meet and figure Hakim is responsible for the theft, and keep an eye on Cinnamon. Willy calls Cinnamon while Rollin-as-Skora goes to meet with Zek. He notes the government building is on solid rock and he can't guarantee destruction, but Zek refuses to postpone.

Cinnamon goes to the warehouse and Zek and is men follow her there. They discover Skora-as-Hakim "dead" from a heart attack and the three vials of nitro. Rollin-as-Skora points out the remote-controlled radio and suggests they use it. Finally Cinnamon "confesses" to where the controls are located in the loft of an office building. Rollin-as-Skora promises to "take care of" Cinnamon while Zek prepares to use the plant.

The next day Jim and Willy are at a press conference as Najiid gives a speech. King Said arrives to give his speech for the peace treaty, while Willy drugs Najiid with the camera. Jim, Tamaar, and Willy hustle the semi-conscious and paralyzed Najiid into an outer office while they summon a doctor. Najiid realizes the van will arrive any second while Rollin-as-Skora drives the truck up to the Government House. Najiid spots it but doesn't realize Rollin has put the unconscious Skora-as-Hakim behind the wheel. Rollin and Barney take out the men broadcasting a report to Zek, then send the report of the truck heading toward the Government House. Willy sabotages the camera broadcast while Rollin describes the carnage over the radio to Zek and plays Barney's special sound effects. Zek, who can't see it on camera, assumes everything is going to plan.

Jim slips out to where Najiid is trying to get up and get out. Zek goes on the television to announce that the Agirians have blown up the Government House. Barney drives the truck on remote toward the Government House as Najiid looks on in horror. They bring in King Said to Najiid, who confesses so they'll get him out of the building. However, the brake lines give out and Barney loses control. He manages to do some clever maneuvering with the gears and manages to bring it to a halt right at the building steps. Najiid confesses everything as the guards bring Hakim up and he's unmasked to reveal Skora. Said has Najiid, Skora, and Zek placed under arrest while Jim, Barney, and Cinnamon pick up Jim and Willy and they take their leave.