Mission: Impossible

Season 1 Episode 6

Odds on Evil

Aired Saturday 9:00 PM Oct 22, 1966 on CBS

Episode Recap

Dan is playing a game at a penny arcade and exchanges sign and countersign with the owner. He's led to the backroom and gets his briefing on a special kinetoscope. He's informed that Prince Iben Kostas, ruler of a small country, plans to declare war on his richer neighbor and has accumulated money from his country's casino to buy arms from a man named Borgman. The IMF must prevent delivery of the arms and keep Kostas from buying any more.

Dan assembles the usual team plus Andre Malif, and in the briefing the team examines a sensor in Cinnamon's handbag that can monitor the speed of a roulette wheel and feeds the info into a 90 lb. computer that Willy wears beneath his jacket. The computer feeds out the predicted number on a watch. Rollin notes that Kostas will seal up the country once he loses the money, but Dan notes he has to lose it first.

Cinnamon goes to the casino where Kostas is playing and joins him at the baccarat table. He teaches her how to play and they flirt, but Borgman arrives ahead of schedule to complete his deal. They go off and complete their deal, and Borgman asks for cash immediately in American dollars. Kostas shows him the money but refuses to pay until the arms are delivered on the pier. Borgman leaves and Barney is outside and follows him to his room. However, Borgman draws a gun on him and a sailor emerges from the closet to search him. Barney is unarmed and says that he wants to buy $300,000 of the guns since Kostas' money is counterfeit. Borgman orders him out but Barney listens in as the arms dealer says to keep the guns on the ship for now. Barney goes to the room to reveal they've bought themselves some time since Borgman will ask to look at the money again.

Later in the casino, Rollin and Andre are present when Kostas escorts Cinnamon in. Rollin buys in at the baccarat table while Cinnamon admits her husband Andre is poor and married her for her money. Andre comes over but she curtly dismisses him. Meanwhile Rollin figures out the cards are marked and palms a few cards to take them back to the room to examine. Borgman calls Kostas and demands a partial payment of $10,000 to expedite the shipping (and to determine if the money is fake). He promises the arms will be delivered in the morning.

Rollin finally determines that there are special marks on the cards that can only be read with special lenses. Rollin finds a proper set of contact lenses and Andre goes down to start gambling, while Borgman confirms the money is real and orders the shipment to go ahead. Andre loses at the roulette table and Cinnamon comes over with Kostas to watch him, while Willy sits nearby. Cinnamon gets the handbag sensor close to the wheel and Andre starts winning using the info on his wrist display. Meanwhile, Rollin paints the cards with some special markings of his own.

Two of Kostas casino security men spot Willy acting suspicious and start to escort him out, but Andre quickly bluffs them into letting him stay as a good luck charm and he then continues to win. Meanwhile, Rollin rigs up a marked deck in a set order and puts in the contact lenses.

Andre continues to win and breaks the bank at roulette, then goes to the baccarat table where Rollin is already playing as the bank. Meanwhile Willy goes to the parking garage, gets into a car, and gets ready to leave.

Andre loses heavily at baccarat and storms off with Cinnamon. However, Rollin now has Kostas' money and Kostas insist they play. The game continues and Kostas can see the markings but he has no choice but to lose. Rollin tries to leave and asks that Kostas redeem his winnings. Kostas brings down the money from the arms sale but then brings in a new deck. They play one more hand and Kostas has a seemingly winning hand according to the markings he can read. However, Rollin reveals a hand that doesn't match the markings and takes the pot and quickly leaves. Kostas sends his men to make sure Rollin doesn't leave the casino with the money.

Rollin goes up to his hotel room with Barney and lowers the money to Cinnamon an Andre's room where they hide the real money in a fake pouch in her fur coat. She goes to see Kostas and says she had an argument with Andre, but she wants to stay with Kostas. Kostas could care less and Andre comes in and shoots Cinnamon. Kostas refuses to bring in a doctor so he can cover it up, and has his men drive Andre and the "dead" Cinnamon over the border and then arrange an accident. Kostas' aide shows the cards were rigged and they go to confront Rollin. However, the guards are tied up and Barney and Rollin get to the getaway car where Willy drives them away.

Kostas' men get Andre and Cinnamon over the board without incident and then pull over, and the IMF couple takes them out. Willy drives through the border checkpoint and they pick up Cinnamon and Andre before making their escape.
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