Mission: Impossible

Season 2 Episode 25


Aired Saturday 9:00 PM Mar 17, 1968 on CBS

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  • Impressive Episode

    An entertaining season finale where everyone on the team does their part. There is also an added attraction of having the great Bradford Dilman as the bad guy of the week. Cinnamon and Rollin play a married couple and it's up to Rollin to open a safe, without it exploding, or she will be blown up with it. We know the IMF has everything carefully planned but it's still a little scary, watching Rollin go through his paces and hoping he doesn't do something wrong. Well acted, a clever twist, and they even manage to get the safe out of the building without anyone detecting it!
  • A thrilling conclusion to Season 2.

    "M:I" closes out its first Peter Graves season with a taut episode that features multiple cons, roles for the entire team, and a final fake-out with the show's trademark masks.

    Bradford Dillman is great as the scientist defector out to unlock the secrets of the American fail-safe system. He gives the character a sense of arrogance that leads him to condescend and patronize anyone he talks to. It's this haughty pride that makes his takedown so much better, but he is also one of the few villains who - if only for a brief moment - suspects that he might be getting played. After meeting Rollin and Cinammon, he starts to feel that their presence is too good to be true, yet he goes along with his plan anyway, blinded by his own greed and confidence.

    Though Jim's "repair" of the paper shredder does go on a bit too long, the scenes of Rollin using the robotic arms to disarm the fail-safe are wraught with tension. A very strong episode and a great way to end the season.
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