Mission: Impossible - Season 3

CBS (ended 1973)



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Episode Guide

  • The Interrogator
    Episode 25
    Agent Norvan Kruger knows about his country's plans to launch some kind of attack which will devastate the world. he's been captured by a second country unfriendly to the U.S. Kruger's interrogator, Spindler, hasn't broken the agent but even if he does the U.S. needs the plans. The IMF capture Spindler and Kruger during transport and lock Spindler up. To convince them he's who he is he tells them of Kruger's knowledge of the plan to launch nuclear missiles from submarines against the U.S. The IMF use drugs to scramble Kruger's memories and convince him he is an interrogator assigned to break a prisoner (Rollin).moreless
  • Illusion
    Episode 24
    Skarbeck and Lom are rivals for the vacant post of Chief of Secret Police in the East European Peoples Republic. As they are both hardliners, the IMF must eliminate both of them and make sure Paul Trock becomes the new chief. Skarbeck killed his lover Carlotta years ago but never found the man she was sleeping with. Skarbeck framed her costar and killed him in a car crash before having a breakdown. The IMF plan to trigger another breakdown.moreless
  • The Vault
    Episode 23
    Phillipe Pereda, finance minister of Costa Mateo has stolen $40 million from the vault of the country's president, De Varo. De Caro plans to announce the money will be used for an industrialization process. Pereda plans to frame the president for embezzlement when it is found the money is missing from the supposedly impenetrable vault, then take over the country. The IMF must stop him.moreless
  • Nicole
    Episode 22
    Jim is sent in to recover a list of Allied agents from the enemy's highest ranking intelligence minister, Anton Valdas. Nicole Vedette's, Valdas' secretary, is apparently on the IMF's side but Jim decides not to use her. Instead Jim and Rollin plansto break into Valdas' safe during a party. Jim and Nicole meet and have a romantic attraction. The effort goes awry and Jim is shot and captured while helping Rollin to escape.moreless
  • Nitro
    Episode 21
    General Zek of Karak is opposed to a peace treaty between his country and Agir, and is working with a munitions maker named Ismir Najiid to start a war by destroying King Said during his announcement of the treaty. The IMF must stop Zek and Najiid for good. To mess up Zek's plan, they must stal nitro from Najiid and force Zek to use it, unaware of the IMF's own plan for the explosive.moreless
  • The Bunker (2)
    Episode 20
    Willy and Anna escape through the furnace, while Barney must negotiate the hoverdisc through the ventilation system as part of their plan to get Rojak out of the compound. But the team IMF has to readjust their plan when Ventlos switches disguises and tries to kill Rojak.
  • The Bunker (1)
    Episode 19
    Dr. Erich Rojak and his wife Anna are being held in an underground laboratory/bunker by a totalitarian enemy government. Another unfriendly government has sent an assassin, Ventlos, to kill Rojak. The IMF must rescue Rojak and his wife, destroy the test missile Rojak is working on, and stop Ventlos. The IMF infiltrate the base and Jim introduces a handstamp system, unaware that Ventlos has already replaced the bunker's security chief...moreless
  • Live Bait
    Episode 18
    Selby, a double-agent for the U.S. within an enemy country's intelligence service, is suspected by his superior, Kellerman. The IMF must keep Selby in the clear and eliminate Kellerman.
  • Doomsday
    Episode 17
    Carl Vandaam, a bankrupt European tycoon, has masterminded theft of plutonium to make a hydrogen bomb and is selling it to the highest bidder. To keep such a bomb from falling into the wrong hands the IMF must stop Vandaam. Jim and Cinnamon get close to Kura, one of the bidders, while Barney infiltrates the office building where the plutonium is being held and slips by the elaborate security system. He succeeds in getting the plutonium, but when Vandaam discovers the theft the building is locked down and Barney is in danger of being caught or killed.moreless
  • The Glass Cage
    Episode 16
    The leader of a resistance organization is being held and tortured in an escape-proof prison. Since escape is impossible, the IMF's plan is to get inside and trick the officers in charge into willingly handing over the leader.
  • The System
    Episode 15
    A gangster, Constantine Victor (aka "Mr. V") has had the last witness against him on a murder indictment killed. Johnny Costa, Victor's associates and a casino owner, is the only one with enough evidence to get Victor convicted. The IMF must con Costa into talking.
  • The Test Case
    Episode 14
    A scientist of an enemy power, Dr. Oswald Beck, has developed a bacteria which causes cerebral spinal meningitis and mutated it into a form that kills and then becomes inert after a few hours. The IMF must destroy the preliminary culture and stop Beck.
  • 1/12/69
    The IMF team must convince an enemy intelligence agent, Stefan Miklos, that the information the government has given to Miklos' double agent Townsend is actually the real thing when Townsend's superiors believe he's turned against them.
  • The Exchange
    Episode 12
    During a mission in a half Western/half Communist country, Cinnamon is caught and arrested after delivering information to the team. She is tortured and proves immune to everything except effects involving her claustrophobia.
  • The Freeze
    Episode 11
    Albert Jenkins, who robbed an armored car five years ago, double-crossed his associates and hid the $10 million. He then managed to get himself arrested as "Raymond Barret" on a burglary charge he did not commit. In this way he can outwait the statute of limitations on the armored car robbery from the safety of his cell. The IMF must bring him to justice.moreless
  • The Bargain
    Episode 10
    An exiled general, Neyron, is living in his private estate in Florida. He's cut a deal with Frank Layton, a Syndicate man. In return for a big payoff of several million dollars to finance his coup, Neyron will let Layton have all gambling rights in his country when he returns to power in Surananka. To break up the deal, the team must convince Neyron that he can see the future... a future where Layton kills him.moreless
  • The Play
    Episode 9
    Milos Kuro, minister of culture has been using propaganda to discredit his premier, Leon Vados. The team set up a special play for Kuro to have brought to his country and performed, but he's unaware that the team has a special version prepared.
  • The Diplomat
    Episode 8
    Information on U.S. missile control centers has been stolen and turned over to Valentin Yetkoff, military attache and agent of an enemy power. The IMF must keep Yetkoff from confirming the information and in fact lead him to believe it is false. To pull it off they must plant false confirmation information on Toland, using Susan Buchanan, the wife of a Presidential aide. But to make it convincing, Toland will have to get the info and cover his tracks by killing Susan using a drug overdose... putting Mrs. Buchanan at extreme risk.moreless
  • The Elixir
    Episode 7
    Riva Santel is the recent widow of the President of San Cordova. Deputy Premier Avilla plans to announce free elections but Riva will declare herself dictator in a coup. The IMF must stop her.
  • The Cardinal
    Episode 6
    General Zepke plans to rise to power - the only threat to him is Cardinal Souchek who stands for a free people. Zepke has had Souchek imprisoned and plans to replace him with a double who will endorse him.
  • The Execution
    Episode 5
    The IMF must stop Lewis Parma, a Syndicate man who is close to gaining total control of the food distribution industry in the U.S. To stop him, the IMF must get his hired assassin Vic Duchell to turn state's evidence, but Duchell is resolute so the IMF come up with a plan to break him.moreless
  • The Mercenaries
    Episode 4
    The IMF must bring down Colonel Hans Krim, the head of a mercenary army who has a ton of loot in gold bars hidden away in an inaccessible enclave. Rollin enlists while Jim and Cinnamon pose as gunrunners with Willy and Barney hidden in their truck. Rollin fakes finding a cache of gold and is then tortured into revealing it.moreless
  • The Contenders (2)
    Episode 3
    Jim manages to escape when Rollin distracts the gamblers. He then gets access to Whelan's list of bookies and they send out an agent pretending to place bets for Buckman. Meanwhile Barney faces Buckman's champ Staczek, with orders to take a dive... but he has plans of his own.
  • The Contenders (1)
    Episode 2
    Mobster Charles Buckman is attempting to gain a stranglehold on all professional and amateur sports. If successful, the U.S. will be discredited in the world athletic community. Buckman is working with Syndicate man Dan Whelan and taking a share of his profits. The IMF must train Barney as a fighter and have him fight his way to the top of Buckman's organization.moreless
  • The Heir Apparent
    Episode 1
    The Archbishop of Povia must designate a heir to succeed the departed king as regent, as the king left no heir. General Qaisette plans to seize the throne in a coup if he isn't named.
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