Mission: Impossible - Season 4

CBS (ended 1973)




Episode Guide

  • The Martyr
    Episode 26
    Premier Rojek and his advisor Czerny put together a special congress of their Youth Organization to endorse them and deter youth who follow the memory of the deceased President Malik, a freedom fighter.
  • The Choice
    Episode 25

    Emile Vautrain, a mystic and charlatan, has gained sway over the Grandduchess of Trent and plans to take control of the country. Jim and Pris fake a magic act to convince Vautrain they are working with First Minister Picard (loyal to the Grandduchess) and were planning to take Vautrain out and have Paris-as-Vautrain take his place. Vautrain forces them to change their act so he can establish his invulnerability.

  • Death Squad
    Episode 24

    On vacation with Jim, Barney dates Alma, a beautiful artist, and Luis Corba, a jealous suitor. Luis attacks Alma and accidentally kills himself when attacking Barney, who comes to Alma's aid. Luis' brother, the chief of police, arrests Barney and prepares to have him executed.

  • The Crane
    Episode 23
    Constantine, the guerilla head of the People's Liberation Army of Logosia, has been captured by the corrupt government and the IMF must free him and help him smash the military gunta. Jim, posing as a guerilla, tries to kill the two main leaders, Kozani and Strabo, claiming he had a deal with them concerning Constantine. The IMF break out Constantine and hide him in a crane basket while Strabo launches a futile search. Paris-as-Strabo lures Kozani's aid into a trap to make it look to Kozani like Strabo and Constantine are working together. The team grab Strabo, disguise him as Constantine, and turn him over to Kozani while provoking Kozani into betraying Strabo. Strabo whips off his disguise and shoots Kozani. Constantine takes over and takes care of Strabo.moreless
  • Orpheus
    Episode 22

    The IMF must stop the faceless killer Stravos in two days' time - only his superior, Bergman, can contact him but even Bergman doesn't know who he really is. Jim plays a U.S. agent and heroin addict who kills another agent (Willy) and is forced to defect.

  • Lover's Knot
    Episode 21

    The IMF must uncover "K", head of European espionage working against the U.S., using Lady Cora Weston, an enemy agent and the wife of an elderly British lord. Jim and Paris pretend to have access to a new unscrambling device and Cora goes after Jim despite an attraction to Paris.

  • Terror
    Episode 20
    The propaganda minister of Suroq, Vassier, is preparing to pardon Ismet El Kabir, a ruthless terrorist, whom he secretly supports. The IMF must make sure El Kabir is never released. Barney and Willy steal government dynamite and sell it to Kabir's girlfriend Atheda. Meanwhile Paris and Jim question Kabir about the truck and plant a bug in the cell, and then suggest Vassier plans to escape and humiliate him.moreless
  • Phantoms
    Episode 19

    The aging dictator Vorka plans to instigate an artistic purge with the help of his lieutenant Kull, and the IMF must assure he steps down and a less tyrannical deputy minister takes over. The IMF team plant projectors in Vorka's office and in his glasses during a fake BBC interview, then sics the "ghost" of a woman from his past on him and convince him the primary artist he is targeting, Zara, is actually his son.

  • Gitano
    Episode 18
    General Aragas of Sardia plans to kill the young King Victor, frame his uncle, Grand Duke Clement of neighboring Montego, and assume the throne and take his country into war. Clement's friend and security chief is working for Aragas, and is escorting Victor back to Sardia. The team must rescue Victor and convince him that Aragas doesn't have his best interests at heart.moreless
  • Chico
    Episode 17
    Ramon Prado, a narcotics dealer, has stolen half of a microfilm containing a list of undercover agents. His rival, Arturo Sandoval, has the other half. The two men are trying to work out a truce to combine their two halves and sell the list.
  • The Falcon (3)
    Episode 16

    Vargas's plan to kill Sabattini and Nicolai catches Paris in the explosion which he (barely) survives but his cover (and his mask) is blown. Meanwhile, Sabattini has taken Jim to the imprisoned Stephan. A hidden Barney has placed a hidden projector screen in Stephan's cell while Jim has a projector in his briefcase. They project footage of Jim interrogating Stephan while everyone makes their escape and the royal family are reunited out of the country.

  • The Falcon (2)
    Episode 15

    Paris replaces Nicolai while Sebastian takes Paris' place while Barney sneaks into the royal vault to replace the royal jewels but is blinded by a concussion. Barney manages to make his way to the vault despite his blindness and replace the real jewels with fakes. Paris-as-Nicolai slips Francesca a gun and she fake-shoots herself at the altar. Sabattini orders her entombed where Barney is on hand (barely) to rescue her and get back to the magic act where they get out of the castle, leaving Paris-as-Nicolai in place and Barney still within the walls. Meanwhile, Jim, pretending to be a fence, alerts Sabattini to the fact the jewels are replaced with fakes, and only Stephan knows where they are.

  • The Falcon (1)
    Episode 14

    General Sabattini has faked the death of Prince Stephan and plans to force Stephan's fiancee, Francesca, to marry him and let him ascend the throne over the simpleton Prince Nicolai. Once he has married Francesca, Sabattini plans to kill all three - the IMF must thwart him. Paris, Tracey, and Willy infiltrate the palace as a magic act, sneaking in with a hidden guest-agent Sebastian and Barney.

  • The Amnesiac
    Episode 13
    Three men engineered the theft of a sphere of trivanium from the U.S. Johan killed the third man, Silff, and blamed the disappearance on him to their leader, Vorda. Johan now plans to secretly sell the sphere.
  • Time Bomb
    Episode 12
    Spy Anton Malek has been planted in the Federated People's Republic's atomic research program 12 years ago. Now, suffering from an incurable disease, he goes rogue and plans to transform the reactor into a nuclear bomb and wipe out the FPR's capital. The IMF must stop him without exposing him and forcing him to set off the bomb prematurely.moreless
  • The Brothers
    Episode 11
    King Selim of Qamadan, an American ally, has been secretly imprisoned by his brother Prince Samandal, who controls the oil reserves and is brutalizing his people. The IMF must restore Selim to power. The IMF goes in as a medical team and fake a uremia attack for Samandal. He needs a kidney transplant from a close relative and reluctantly has his brother the king brought in.moreless
  • The Double Circle
    Episode 10
    Art collector Victor Laszlo and his partner Dunson have stolen a new fuel formula from the U.S. and killed the one scientist capable of duplicating the formula. The IMF must recover the formula from Laszlo.
  • Robot
    Episode 9
    Deputy Premier Kamirov is keeping his Premier "alive" by substituting a double, "Gemini". Kamirov plans to force Gemini as Premier to announce his retirement and name Kamirov his successor. Kamirov will then kill Gemini and ally with the Iron Curtain against the U.S. The IMF hope to get Minister Massick appointed. Tracey, claiming to work for Massick, helps Jim and Willy get into the country with a lifelike robot (Paris) and let Kamirov think Massick is using it to bring in an impostor of his own.moreless
  • Mastermind
    Episode 8
    Lou Merrick has gathered blackmail evidence on ranking U.S. government officials and plans to turn it over to the Syndicate. The evidence is being held by Jonas Stone, Merrick's chief. The IMF must destroy Merrick and the blackmail file.
  • Submarine
    Episode 7
    The East European Republic want the location of a horde of Nazi gold from their prisoner Kruger Schtelman, who is due to be released in three days. Despite the efforts of interrogator Colonel Sardner, they haven't acquired the information. The IMF drugs and grabs Schtelman in the middle of a police escort, and puts him in a fake SS submarine at a warehouse.moreless
  • Commandante
    Episode 6
    Father Dominguin leads a democratic revolution in his country, but a local insurgent Carlos and an international revolutionary working for the far east, Juan Acero, have taken him prisoner and usurped the movement. The IMF must rescue Dominguin and restore him to the revolution.
  • Fool's Gold
    Episode 5
    The kingdom of Bahkan has been asked by Igor Stravos, Finance Minister to the Federated People's Republic, to redeem his perfectly counterfeited currency in gold. If Bakhan can't prove Stravos' notes are counterfeit, they'll exhaust their gold reserve doing so, leading to the overthrow of Bahkan's pro-U.S. government. The IMF must destroy the counterfeit money, get Stravos' plates, and eliminate Stravos, getting past a vault with a lethal sound system.moreless
  • 10/19/69
    With Borodin dead, Jim must come up with a new plan to discredit Turek and sabotage the creation of the B-230 mind control drug.
  • 10/12/69
    Colonel Borodin of a foreign power is arranging the defection of two disloyal American scientists undergoing plastic surgery, Jarvis and his wife Vera, so he can thwart his rival Dr. Turek in the development of B-230, a mind-control drug that has rendered all human test subjects to date catatonic. Jim claims to have developed a superior mind-control drug (with the aid of substitute prisoner Willy) so that Borodin can have Turek's funding is cut off. Meredyth tells Turek that Jim is forcing to her remain silent after she developed a cure to B-230's side effects.moreless
  • 10/5/69
    Exiled dictator General Gollan is preparing an invasion to return to power. He's going to finance his plan with the $600,000,000 he stole. The IMF must stop him. An IMF guest-doctor knocks out Gollan with pneumonia while the rest of the team infiltrate the bunker beneath his estate, then proceed to convince him the country is under nuclear attack.moreless
  • The Code
    Episode 1
    Vincente Bravo, dictator of Nueva Tierra, is planning an invasion against a neighboring democracy, San Cristobal. The United Peoples' Republic is sending Nikor Janos with a coded invasion plan to help Bravo and set him up as puppet dictator. The IMF must break the alliance between Nueva Tierra and the UPR, break the code, and foil the invasion.moreless