Mission: Impossible

Season 7 Episode 19


Aired Saturday 9:00 PM Feb 16, 1973 on CBS

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  • The first produced episode of Season 7 delivers a well-orchestrated execution of a mission in San Francisco.

    Linda Day George's character Casey carries over from the previous season and it's in this episode that we get to see her character (not so much of the actress herself because she was pregnant) demonstrate quite a bit of versatility. Casey-as-Margaret (a methamphetamine-addicted daughter of a speed dealer) demonstrates her ability to ride a motorcycle on the hilly streets of San Francisco and even simulating a fake crash and injury. She fooled even Margaret's father, but not Zink, apparently Margaret's mystery boyfriend, who is the monkey wrench in this week's mission plan. Even after Casey's disguise is revealed accidentally, we see one of the most physical stunts ever pulled in an episode thus far. She hurls herself straight through a set of second-story french doors, over a balcony, and drops and rolls onto the lawn below. That's a quick escape, one that got her out of trouble.

    The mission was cleverly done. Barney set up a deal so that Hibbing would need to ship the drugs to New Orleans. Casey and Jim worked together to remove Hibbing's only source of transporting the drugs just at the right time so that they would have to rely on Jim to transport the drugs. First they'd have to show Jim where it's stored and that's what the IMF ultimately wanted. It was a complex plan with a number of elements needing to come together. This is what the IMF does best. This week, we see extensive use of not only walkie talkies, but remote signaling wrist watches. Pretty cool.

    The twist at the end was good enough to leave the viewer wondering how is Jim going to get out from being held at gunpoint at the very pinnacle of his plan. But Jim knows better than to go alone. With the faithful help of Barney (who had to shoot someone) and Willy, Jim is able to carry out the mission safely. The freeze frame at the end of all four agents remind us that the IMF is back in action and ready for another great season of missions. The on-location scenes of the streets, homes, and warehouses of San Francisco make for a visually appealing episode. For the record, the warehouse where the drugs were stored was actually located in the western--not eastern--end of the Bay Bridge. Obvious landmarks like the suspension section of the Bay Bridge and the Unocal 76 building in the background show that they were still in San Francisco, not Oakland.