Mission: Impossible

Season 3 Episode 20

The Bunker (2)

Aired Saturday 9:00 PM Mar 09, 1969 on CBS

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  • Best...ending...ever...

    A very good two-parter. Like all the two-parters I've seen thus far (I'm watching all seven seasons in broadcast order), there was a fair amount of filler. However, there was enough going on in this two-parter that it probably wouldn't have done it justice to do the entire thing in just 48 minutes.

    There was a couple really big contrivances. The biggest, as noted by an earlier reviewer, was that the assassin only knocked out Rollin and didn't kill him. That one huge huge in the plot is the only reason this episode didn't score a "10". (Speaking of Rollin, he had a very small role for whatever reason, especially in the first part.) Also, there being absolutely no perimeter security on the bunker was a bit unbelievable. However, on the flip side, the assassin being the one to doom everyone (except the IMF) was a clever device to create a TAD ("They All Die") episode without the IMF being directly responsible.

    The ending was awesome. I felt like that they spent their entire special effects budget for the season on all the explosions for the ending of that one episode. Great stuff, and it reminded me of the first season, when there was a lot more bloodshed in the episodes.
  • Another mix of high technology and impersonations, both IMF hallmarks. Rollin almost gets himself killed (the enemy agent could and would in real life have killed him) and the bunker is spectacularly blown up but only after all Americans are out safely.

    The writers make good use here of two continuing themes in the IMF world -- the impersonation and high technology (at least for the 60s). Only 1 impersonation is part of the IMF plot -- Cinnamon for Anna Rojak. The enemy agent does two impersonations, the second almost fatal for Rollin. The day is saved when Jim realizes that Rollin is no longer Rollin and so prevents the enemy's attack. But the enemy agent is able, by reading the signs in the foreign language: "Füel Mix Dänjer" is able to mix the fuel and cause great danger. The coming explosion can no longer be stopped, so can all the IMF crew, plus Dr. Rojak, get out of the bunker in time?
  • A great second part tainted by a few flaws.

    A pretty good conclusion to "The Bunker" story, with some minor twists on the usual formula. The assassin turning into Rollin threw a wrench into the final escape, and it's rare (and somewhat shocking) to see the IMF actually leave someone to die.

    Unfortunately the UFO gadget looks horribly dated, complete with visible wires guiding it down the tunnel. The final escape in the lift is also horribly paced, dragging into time filler. Plus "January. Suborbital. Denomination." becomes absolutely silly, though the writers may have been playing on this.

    Despite the flaws, there's some good IMF action here. The multi-parters have really improved since the first season.