Mission: Impossible

Season 2 Episode 11

The Council (1)

Aired Saturday 9:00 PM Nov 19, 1967 on CBS

Episode Recap

Jim lets himself into an empty sound studio and picks up a record with his briefing on Frank Wayne, head of the Syndicate. Wayne is moving his ten billion dollars in illicit funds into Swiss banks, affecting U.S. gold reserves. The IMF must get Wayne's records from his estate and turn them over to the authorities. Jim assembles the usual team plus plastic surgeon Dr. Emerson Reese. In the briefing Jim displays a fake back of himself on a chair that he can slip out of and leave behind. Dr. Reese acknowledges he can transform Rollin into Wayne, and has been training Cinnamon. Willy has an apartment rented for Jim with a manhole in front, and they know where the safe in Wayne's office is. Barney has rigged Rollin's gun to jam and they plan to talk to Jimmy Bibo, a mob courier who grew up with Wayne and is under a Syndicate death sentence. Later Willy drives out to Wayne's estate, where Syndicate members Vito Lagana and Al Morgan are meeting with Wayne to discuss Jim, who is in the newspaper set up as a special government investigator. Jim and Barney drive up and storm into the place to conduct a search. Meanwhile Rollin trains Cinnamon with a prop plastic spray device. Jim finally finds Wayne's hidden safe but before he can open it, Wayne's lawyer arrives with a cease-and-desist order. Barney secretly plants a bug on a bookshelf before he and Jim have to leave. Once they're gone, Wayne has the Syndicate files moved to his office. Jim and Barney meet up with Willy and Reese, with Reese having equipment in their van. Bibo is brought in to see Wayne and explain what happened with the money he stole. Bibo can't account for the missing funds and Wayne forces him to confess. Vito and Al vote with Wayne to have Bibo executed, and Wayne's man Johnny takes Bibo out back to have him dig his own grace. The IMF follow and watch while Rollin and Cinnamon work to make a Frank Wayne mask. Once Bibo finishes digging the grave, Johnny knocks him out and buries him, and Reese warns the others that if they don't' get to him in two and a half minutes it'll be too late. Johnny pauses for a smoke and with time running out, Jim has Willy throw rocks toward the house to draw the killer off. Once Johnny leaves, they move in and dig up Bibo, then resuscitate him with seconds to spare. Back at the apartment, Bibo initially balks at helping them but Jim threatens to return him to Wayne and Bibo caves in and tells Rollin everything he knows about Wayne and his mannerisms and history. Notably, Bibo tells Rollin will have to do all his mannerisms left-handed because Wayne is a southpaw. Meanwhile Barney and Willy cut a hole in a hotel room wall and install a one-way mirror. Once Rollin is brief, Jim and Barney go to pick up Wayne at his office where he has the Syndicate files stored in a safe. As Wayne comes out they serve a subpoena on him and take him into custody. They take him to the hotel room and show him the "dead" Bibo then start roughing him up for information. Meanwhile Rollin works on the Wayne mask from the next room. Finally Wayne makes a break for it after Jim leaves him alone with Barney. Wayne then calls his men to come get him and he prepares to leave using Barney as a hostage. Johnny comes to collect his boss after donning janitor's clothing. Rollin disguises himself as Wayne and knocks out the real Wayne, then prepares to take Barney out into the hall. Johnny knocks out Willy and comes in and Rollin/Wayne ends up "shooting" Barney. Rollin/Wayne gets back to the office but his partners insists that he leave the country because he shot a government man. Rollin insists that he's not going anywhere but his partners tell him that one way or another, he's out of it. (to be continued)
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