Mission: Impossible

Season 3 Episode 11

The Freeze

Aired Saturday 9:00 PM Dec 22, 1968 on CBS

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  • Supposedly, a thief was waiting out the statute of limitations in jail on another charge and planned to recover the $10 million and live well once the statute expired. The team had to trick him to disclose the hiding place before the statute expired.

    The writers did not understand how statutes of limitations work -- you have to do more than just get the evidence ten minutes before the time period expires, plus you can't keep stolen money after a short interval (otherwise there'd probably be lots more theft). Thus, the plot really did not work and did not make any sense at all in real life. Also, the way that the thief was tricked wasn't very clever and I don't see how it would have worked in real life. I did not understand how the partners of the thief fit in either, and why their role was even necessary. One of the weaker episodes of a great series.