Mission: Impossible

Season 5 Episode 3

The Innocent

Aired Saturday 9:00 PM Oct 03, 1970 on CBS

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  • Barney is exposed to the chemical the IMF is trying to eliminate and the mission must be reinvented and Barney saved if possible. An outsider with computer knowledge must be "convinced" to join the project.

    This episode departs from the standard fare. It begins in the middle of an operation, which goes bad due to Willy's clumsiness. Jim must reinvent the plan, but needs a new computer expert. He is directed to a dropout hippie, who refuses to help until his girlfriend's freedom is put at issue, by Paris masquerading as a bad guy. The episode puts into question what it is our IMF does and whether it is good and appropriate to jump in and help. Are our guys really the good guys? The answer that the show gives is, "yes," through the eyes of the hippie, who ultimately learns that Paris is indeed one of us and that what the IMF is doing is necessary.

    This introspection works, mostly because the show moves quickly and is entertaining all by itself.