Mission: Impossible

Season 3 Episode 25

The Interrogator

Aired Saturday 9:00 PM Apr 20, 1969 on CBS

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  • A good final episode for Rollin Hand and Cinnamon Carter...BUT, it's a remake

    This was actually a very good episode, and would have rated a 9 or 9.5; however, one gets the feeling that it's essentially a remake of award-winning Operation: Rogosh episode.

    Martin Landau got to play a completely over-the-top character, which is always fun to watch. Barbara Bain got to role play as well, and it was nice to see them both featured in their last episode.

    I should add that two things really tested my suspension of disbelief. The first is that there is an entire reperatory company on the IMF payroll. The second is that they could have recreated an entire chateau in such exacting detail (down to a butterfly collection) in such a short window of time.

    Godspeed, Rollin and Cinnamon. We'll miss you!
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