Mission: Impossible

Season 4 Episode 26

The Martyr

Aired Saturday 9:00 PM Mar 29, 1970 on CBS

Episode Recap

Jim picks up his briefing at Mexican souvenir shop and is informed that Premier Anton Rojek and his advisor Josef Czerny are summoning a special gathering of their country's youth congress to get their support. The IMF must stop Rojek from manipulating the congress of Corinthia.

Rojek and Czerny watch the youth crowds organize and Rojek has second thoughts, noting they worship freedom fighter Eduard Malik. Jim goes to the room where Malik died and Dr. Valari, an IMF doctor, inserts a miniaturized transmitter beneath Jim's skin near the ear. Barney and IMF agent Roxy determine the location of Malik's wife Maria, who the government is keeping in a mental hospital. Paris gives Jim a post-hypnotic command to resist truth drugs and only respond to Barney's voice over the transmitter.

Barney pulls up on the street outside Maria's cell and uses a hidden pistol to shoot a message into her room, telling her to agree that she has a son. Jim meets with a bookseller who is part of the underground and establishes himself to help smuggle a student (Paris) out of the country. He also gives the bookseller a message to give to Maria and sets a meeting for seven that night.

The bookseller, a traitor, takes the message to Czerny and Rojek and they determine it reveals that the Maliks had a son who is still alive. Rojek fears the students will rally around Paris but wonders why the Americans want him out of the country. He orders Czerny to simply watch Paris but orders Jim's arrest at the rendezvous that night.

At the youth congress party, Roxy performs while Barney watches from the crowd and Willy is disguised as a soldier. Czerny talks with Paris, a Swiss delegate, who hints he has memories of coming back home but speaks against Malik. Lynn sings about peace and freedom but Paris condemns her and Barney fakes a fight. Willy takes him away, while Czerny calls Rojek to participate in Jim's interrogation. Jim denies knowing anything about Paris but they bring in the bookseller to confirm Jim's involvement.

Willy has Barney locked up n a holding cell for the night but leaves him his book. The book contains a radio transmitter for Jim's implant and Barney uses thermite strips in his glasses to burn through the barred window. Jim finally admits that they watched Paris, who was smuggled out of the country 20 years ago, but ironically he turned against Malik to support Rojek, the father he never knew he had.

Barney climbs out of his cell and goes up to an upper-floor doctor's office, while Rojek goes over Paris' file but doesn't find anything of use. Czerny is convinced that Rojek should use Paris but Rojek wants to bring in Dr. Kadar. Meanwhile, Barney sneaks into Kadar's office and plants a transmitter relay in a light. However, as he leaves the phone rings and Kadar comes back in. Barney manages to hide while Rojek summons Kadar down to administer truth serum to Jim. Once Kadar leaves, Barney climbs back down to his cell, unaware that the kitchen has sent his meal up early. Fortunately, he gets back just in time.

Once the guard leaves, Barney uses the radio hidden in his book to listen in as Kadar interrogates the drugged Jim. Barney gives Jim the words to speak, and he incriminates himself as an American agent assigned to watch the Maliks' son. However, the guard looks in on Barney, forcing him to go off the air and leaving Jim unresponsive. After the guard leaves, Barney gets the radio set back up and has Jim admit that Paris is the Maliks' son.

Rojek plays the tape of the interrogation back to Paris, who disavows his parents and stands by Rojek. Rojek asks him to speak to the closing rally of the youth congress and denounce his father. Paris finally agrees. However, once the news is released of Paris' speech, Valari calls and says that he has proof that the real Peter Malik is dead. Rojek and Czerny meet with him and Valari shows them a (fake) skeleton. Rojek confirms the dental records and assumes Kadar messed up. Rojek believes it's an American scheme and decides to let Paris speak. He figures Paris will denounce him, but he'll have Maria there (along with Jim) and she'll agree. Then Rojek will reveal the dental records and discredit them all.

The next day, Rojek brings Maria in to meet with Paris, and she plays along claiming it could be him. Rojek takes Maria and Paris to the rally while Czerny brings Jim. Paris is brought up to speak and starts to speak favorably of Malik. However, he then changes tactics and praises Rojek. Maria denounces Paris as an imposter and everyone believes her and turns against Rojek. the guards take Jim, Maria, and Paris out while the crowds turn against Rojek. Willy tells the guards to go upstairs and then he and Barney take over the van and leave with Roxy and the others.
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