Mission: Impossible

Season 3 Episode 9

The Play

Aired Saturday 9:00 PM Dec 08, 1968 on CBS

Episode Recap

Jim meets with his contact on a rooftop playground and goes up a ladder to get his tape briefing. He's briefed on Milos Kuro, a Minister of Culture for the UCR bombarding his people with anti-American propaganda to turn the people against the premier, Vados, who is negotiating a non-aggression pact with the U.S. The IMF must stop Kuro. In the apartment, Barney demonstrates a sound suppression device effective enough to keep Rollin from hearing blanks fired near his head, while Jim can send a narrow beam of words directly to him. The Minister's seating near the device is critical. Cinnamon has planted ads in advance and Rollin has set up a group of protestors. In the U.S., Kuro complains to his assistant about how Vados is urging a pact with the U.S. They're interrupted when Barney arrives disguised as a State Department official. He's arranged a night of entertainment for a play, Joan Vincent's At The Summit. Kuro has heard of it--it features only the President and Vados. Kuro decides to go see the play and there's a group of protestors at the premiere. Cinnamon is the author and complains that the protestors are shutting down her free speech. She and the others hand out free copies of the play and Phelps as one of the actors recognizes Kuro. They suggest they present the play in the UCR and he wants a special showing. Kuro is impressed and agrees to give them a top production. Barney advises against it, saying Cinnamon will be branded as a traitor. She ignores him and Kuro surprises them by saying he'll cast the UCR's top actors. The team has no choice but to agree. Back in the apartment, the team goes over the plans to the theater and determines there are guards with sentry dogs all over the place. Later in the UCR, Rollin visits one of the actors, Vitol Enzor, as a Broadway producer (with Jim as his chauffeur) and gives him an offer in a production of King Lear in the States. Enzor thinks it's a trick and Rollin is with the secret police. Rollin has a plan to have Enzor disguise himself as Rollin and get out of the country on his passport. At the theater, two men arrive and bring in a heavy table--Barney is concealed inside. The table is put on stage as Cinnamon and Kuro go over the script. Enzor (now disguised as Rollin) is reluctant to leave everything behind and secretly takes his acting medallion. Jim drives him to the border while he hides his medal in his sock. Cinnamon objects to Kuro' alterations but he overrules her, and the other actor Anton Usakos arrives. "Enzor" arrives and they get to work. "Enzor" soon antagonizes Usakos, who throws the table over. While Kuro argues with "Enzor," Cinnamon gives the signal to Barney to slip out and climb up into the catwalk. At the border, the guards search their luggage and let them through, but as "Rollin" gets back into the limousine the medal falls out. Jim quickly covers that the medal was given as a gift and "Rollin" adds a bribe to make things go smoothly. Barney makes his way along the balcony and into the rafters where he sets up his sound suppression system above the stage. Kuro tries to smooth things with the angry Usakos. They go back into rehearsal and Cinnamon slips a microphone onto the table. Barney runs a quick test and then slips into the ventilator shaft. "Enzor" starts improvising stage directions (and upstaging Usakos) while Barney gets into "Enzor's" dressing room where the sound equipment was smuggled in with a make-up kit. With a little prodding from Cinnamon, Usakos stalks off and Cinnamon suggests that Jim take on the role, and that he's her husband. "Enzor" and Barney go over the recording as they have a second version prepared. "Enzor" and Jim will have to stay as close as possible to the scripted version and ignore Kuro's changes. But outside the dressing room, a guard dog smells Barney inside and the guard prepares to go inside. Barney activates a high-frequency pitch to send the dog running and then continues to monitor the new rehearsal with Jim and "Enzor." Things go well and Jim asks for a break. Later Cinnamon and "Enzor" meet with Premier Vados, and Cinnamon warns him that he may not like her play. She claims Kuro is making changes to embarrass Vados and suggests that he come to hear a rehearsal. Later Jim and "Enzor" rehearse as Barney cross-references the two versions of the scripts. Vados and his men arrive to hear the rehearsal and Jim signals to Barney that everyone is in place. Barney activates the suppression system and then beams the "normal" dialogue to Kuro. Meanwhile Jim and "Enzor" use the version of the script that humiliates Vados. A furious Vados stops the rehearsal and demands an answer from Kuro. Kuro has no idea what's going on and shows Vados his script, unaware that Cinnamon has substituted the one with the embarrassing dialogue. Kuro is astonished to see a different play and Vados has him arrested. Rollin unmasks and the team takes off.