Mission: Impossible

Season 1 Episode 28

The Psychic

Aired Saturday 9:00 PM Apr 22, 1967 on CBS

Episode Recap

Dan pulls into a drive-in and is briefed by loudspeaker on Alex Lowell, an investment promoter who gained control of a leading manufacturer of NATO defense hardware. Lowell fled to South American and is believed to be auctioning off the secret patents. At his apartment, Dan assembles his regular team, as well as actor Byron Miller and Judge Wilson Chase.

At the briefing, Dan warns they not only have to get the stock certificates but have Lowell endorse him. He's a gambler and the plan is to set him up to bet the stocks. Judge Chase knows Lowell and will provide them access. Rollin demonstrates their "edge": an arm mounted below the table that switches out hands of cards. Barney appears from behind an open-legged table where he has a mirror rigged so he can hide in plain sight. They have a plan of the house, and a real check for $80 million dollars.

Lowell is in South America chatting with Jan Vornitz, his main bidder. Miller comes in to offer Lowell a business deal, claiming he is acting for the Syndicate who are willing to purchase all of Lowell's stock. Lowell tells him to leave but Miller insists on coming to a party later that Lowell is holding. Elsewhere, Barney is opening decks of cards while Rollin trims cards. Cinnamon assures Chase that she has memorized all of the files on Lowell's friends. Miller comes in to tell them Lowell is refusing to sell.

Chase escorts Cinnamon to the party and introduces her to Lowell as a famed psychic. Meanwhile Barney slips onto the estate while Chase and Lowell discuss the stock buyout. Barney opens the trunk and rigs the engine but a couple walk by and spot him. Barney claims to be a mechanic and pulls off the bluff.

Miller comes to the party and Lowell orders him off, and Miller leaves after warning him he might not live to regret his mistake. Chase suggests Cinnamon do a psychic reading and they gather everyone together. She asks for a moment of solitude in the next room where Lowell plays poker, and sticks a piece of explosive on the window as Lowell's dog looks on. Barney sneaks up while Cinnamon uses her memorized files to wow the crowd. However, she refuses to do a reading for Lowell, saying she's getting nothing from him. Chase asks Lowell for a car ride to his flight and Cinnamon warns them not to go and an explosion and death is involved. She also say she had a vision of arches. The garage has arches and when they get in the car, Chase suggests they get out and check. Lowell uses some wires to trigger the ignition from a distance and the car blows up.

At the same time the explosive on the window goes off. The alarm goes off but it looks like the window was broken in the explosion. Barney slips in and sets up his mirror trick underneath a table. Chase leaves while Cinnamon stays on but says the assassin won't strike again. Lowell's dog seems to sense something but Lowell goes out to talk with Cinnamon, who suggests the killer is dead due to his failure. Cinnamon admits she knows Lowell is corrupt and evil, but doesn't condemn hum for it. Lowell is called to the front desk, where Miller has been left dead. Rollin is there as a Syndicate representative with Willy as his bodyguard. Willy quickly takes Miller away while Rollin apologizes for the crude approach and asks to talk with him later.

In the card room, Lowell's dog starts to paw at the mirror, attracting Lowell's attention. Cinnamon distracts him by saying she's having a vision but the dog is distracting her. Once he has the dog taken away, she says she's had a vision of Lowell playing Rollin for the $80 million in stocks, but Rollin cheats. She tells Lowell to play with Rollin's cards and she's assures Lowell he'll win. Once everyone has gone, Barney rigs the table with the mechanical arm and substitutes the rigged cards. After leaving the drawer slightly ajar, Barney then heads out of the estate, only to be intercepted by one of Lowell's guards.

Willy gets the drop on the guard and Lowell tries to figure out why someone broke in but didn't steal anything. He notices the drawer and figures out the decks have been opened and resealed. Opening them, Lowell figures out the cards are rigged and that he now has a sure thing.

Cinnamon arrives later and reassures Lowell he'll win. Rollin arrives and offers him $80 million for the stock as Vornitz and Cinnamon look on. Lowell refuses to sell and lets Rollin talk him into playing winner-take-all poker for the stocks. Lowell agrees and they begin, using one of the rigged decks. Rollin endorses the check while Lowell endorses the stocks. They play a single hand of poker and Rollin has three aces to Lowell's three jacks. Lowell double deals to stop Rollin from getting a full house, and deals the key card to himself to make his full house.

Rollin accuses Lowell of cheating and grabs the stocks, and uses the mechanical arm to swap them out with phony stocks, while Cinnamon grabs the real ones and then leaves for the other room. Rollin is forced to put the (fake) stocks back on the table and Lowell has his man take Rollin out, figuring his "partners" will take care of him for his failure. Lowell checks the stocks and realizes he's been had. Cinnamon has already left and Lowell goes out in time to see her leave with the others.