Mission: Impossible

Season 2 Episode 9

The Seal

Aired Saturday 9:00 PM Nov 05, 1967 on CBS

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    A comic relief episode. IMF agent CAT IS THE STAR or at least has the last word er MEOW. As silly as this epsiode is, it is at least more beleivable than the IMF Epsiode in shich Barney shows a miniature electronic Space ship which is powered by hidden white strings!!!!
  • MI or is Fantasyland?

    A cat does as instructed. I have had pet cats since I was a child and they do the reverse from instructed. Nice performance by Darren McGavin but this episode was far fetched on several fronts.
  • Very clever episode...MI forces manage to outwit and use the paranoia of a business man in their advantage.

    Always been fascinated by this shows.I like the basic idea behind it, resourceful and very clever risk takers managing to complete missions which seem impossible at first sight.
    What bothered me in a few episodes are the simplicity of the writers plan, infiltrating into a hospital for example and getting a sick person out. Even though its doable it had a lot of unlikely events that could happen and were not presented-the negative characters were very light minded and the outwitting was very easy to do.(when I think of a negative character I kinda want it to be in the sense of Julian Sark from Alias, someone who would act on the spot and make things difficult for his pursuers). Anyhow, this episode was what I was waiting for because the plot is very interesting, and the MI team recover a statuette(Seal) which got stolen from a country which holds important ties with the US. The plan was thought very well and a cat was trained and use to recover it. I found it very original and exciting and most important how Taggart's paranoia is used against him.
  • Not an action-heavy episode, but strong performances from Landau, Bain and guest Darren McGavin.

    It's an interesting caper for the IMF this time around, as the team is subdivided into the diversion (Cinammon as a reporter and Rollin as an Indian scholar/mystic) and Jim, Barney and Willy handling the break-in and theft of a valuable jade seal. The job moves slowly, but the episode is anchored by a nice guest spot by Darren McGavin. Rumpled, wry and arrogant, McGavin's Taggart is cocky from the moment we meet him, so confident in his thief-proof vault that it's going to be wonderful when he sees that he's been robbed. His mounting suspense and tension as Rollin relates the story of the "curse" he faces is palpable.

    That the entire plan hinges on a cat is a bit hokey, but we do get some nice technical work from Barney and a good acting job from Rollin. Even Jim gets to play a part as a rivet salesman with an eye for accountant accountability.

    The pressure/noise sensitive room reminded me a lot of the famous break-in scene from the first "Mission: Impossible" movie with Tom Cruise.