Mission: Impossible

Season 2 Episode 5

The Slave (1)

Aired Saturday 9:00 PM Oct 08, 1967 on CBS

Episode Recap

At a park, Jim goes to a locked fire alarm box and picks up his briefing. His mission is to take down King Ibn Borca of Elkabar, who is secretly running a slavery ring. His supplier is Karl de Groot, who raids Elkabar's neighboring countries for men to put up for bid. The nations are ready to go to war with Elkabar, destabilizing the region, and the IMF has to end Borca's slave business.

At the briefing, the team meets with Akim Hadramut, an investigator for the UN anti-slavery commission. Barney assures Jim that he can get out of the standard slave manacles that Borca uses, and Akim confirms that de Groot's men will pick up Barney when he poses as a pilgrim going to Elkabar's holy city. Rollin has identified de Groot's particular Desert Rover, which he is allowed to drive into Elkabar's holy city as the only non-Moslem. Next Willy shows the team a cylinder filled with frozen bats and confirms that it take them 20 minutes to thaw out. When the team wonders why Borca's successor won't maintain the slave trade, Jim explains that Borca's brother, Prince Fasar, and his British wife Amara, are vehemently anti-slavery but the king has successfully kept them in the dark. To eliminate the slave trade, they'll have to convince Fasar that his brother is a slaver. Akim knows Fasar from their days together at Cambridge and has already arranged an invitation.

At the Holy City, Rollin poses as a Middle Eastern Interpol inspector working with Akim to inspect the country for slavers. They report to Borca and Fasar that they've found nothing and are convinced that there is no slave trade in Elkabar. Borca then calls upon his brother to reassure the people and put an end to the movement to make Fasar the king. Fasar insists that he has no ambitions to be king and will make the announcement. Once Rollin, Fasar, and Akim leave, Borca calls in de Groot and his henchman, Musha. The king warns that de Groot isn't meeting his quotas and tells him to step up his raids on neighboring countries. When de Groot warns against it, saying they'll go to war, Borca figures that will give him an excuse to counter-attack and take their oil supplies.

Jim arrives at a local tavern where Rollin is posing as a legless beggar and Willy as a cloak merchant. Inside, Jim demands whiskey at the Moslem establishment and the owner, Jara, reluctantly serves him. The IMF leader then demands a meeting with de Groot, well aware that Jara is the slave procurer's partner. Jara says that his partner will be there later.

Outside, de Groot and Musha arrive and enter the tavern. Once they're out of sight, Willy holds up one of his cloaks and stands next to de Groot's Rover. Rollin gets behind the cloak, and then converts his beggar cart into a wheeled platform so he can slide under the Rover and attach a strap harness.

Inside, de Groot checks on the new batch of slaves that Jara has provided. One of them is Barney, wearing a heavy robe and a fake beard. The procurer has them chained up and taken to Borca to be sold at the auction the next day. Borca inspects his collection and then has his soldiers put them in holding cells. Once he's alone, Barney frees himself from the manacles and takes out a hidden pack. Inside is a camera, disguised as the main section of a rifle, and he uses it to take photos of the cell from every angle.

Jara tells de Groot about Jim and the procurer agrees to see him. Jim claims that he can obtain Cinnamon, who is posing as an American lounge singer, and sell her for top dollar. He asks for five thousand pounds to deliver Cinnamon, and gives de Groot until sunset to decide. As the procurer leaves, Jim warns him that if he won't take Cinnamon off of his hands, he'll sell her himself. The procurer tells Musha to follow Jim while he meets with Borca to discuss the deal. Outside, Willy watches as de Groot leaves in his Rover. Jim goes out and has a whispered exchange, telling him to get Rollin, and then blends with the crowd to lose Musha.

Barney assembles the rest of his fake gun, reverses his clothing to reveal a guard's uniform, and removes his fake beard. He then opens the cell door using a lock pick and a telescoping rod.

At the palace, de Groot shows Borca Cinnamon's photo and insists that they can make a fortune selling her as a slave. Borca agrees to the deal but tells de Groot to learn everything about Jim first.

Barney leaves and heads for the outside. When a guard stops him and says he doesn't recognize Barney, the agent says that a slave has escaped from his cell. He sounds the alarm himself and starts a search for the missing slave.

Borca gives de Groot the five thousand pounds for Jim, noting that the procurer will get his usual 25% of whatever Cinnamon earns. When de Groot complains that Cinnamon is a riskier slave than their usual slaves, Borca tells him to minimize the risks and doesn't care how. An aide brings word that a slave has escaped from the nearby pens and Borca tells him to hang the slaves when the guards recover him.

Barney searches the other areas with the other guards, and takes a photo of a cart with large basket on top of it. He then slips into the harness beneath de Groot's Rover. When de Groot drives out of the Holy City, he unwittingly takes Barney him. Rollin is posing as a farmer and blocks the road with a cart, and Barney slips away when de Groot stops momentarily. Once he goes on his way, Barney and Rollin leave in Rollin's hidden car.

At the IMF's temporary warehouse base, Willy and Jim are soon recreating the cell from Barney's photos, along with whole section of neighboring walls and cells. Meanwhile, Barney builds a duplicate of the cart with a hidden compartment capable of holding a person, and Cinnamon is preparing a wig for her part in the mission.

Akim and Rollin have dinner with Fasar and Amara. The two old student friends talk about their classroom days, and Amara explains that she took an Arabic name when she married Fasar. Rollin and Akim leave for the night while Barney and Wiley drive up to the grounds. As Amara and Fasar go to bed, she asks her husband if he's satisfied with Borca's claims. Fasar isn't sure and worries that he would have to depose his brother if he is trading slaves.

While Akim stands watch, Rollin takes the cylinder of bats to the roof, signals Barney and Willy, and then lowers the opened cylinder down the chimney into Fasar's room. While Rollin covers the chimney with a plastic sheet, Willy slips into the grounds and cuts the power to the lights.

Jara and de Groot meet with Jim at the tavern, but the procurer only shows Jim three thousand pounds. He claims that all Borca would give him for Cinnamon, and it's pay on delivery. Jim agrees to deliver Cinnamon at dawn and they have a drink, and Musha knocks Jim out. They search him and find a (fake) ID confirming that Jim is an American ex-convict who jumped parole. When Jim wakes up, de Groot tells him that that they had to be sure who Jim really was. As Jim leaves, he coldcocks Musha and tells him that if they meet again, he'll kill him.

In Fasar's room, the bats thaw out and come back to life. Fasar and Amara hear them and wake up, but discover that the lights are out. As the bats fly around the darkened room, Amara and Fasar panic. When they open the window to call for help, Willy tosses a sheet over Amara and carries her to the van. Rollin and Akim arrive and Rollin fires some blanks at the departing van. He tells Fasar that the kidnappers will demand a ransom and that they shouldn't notify Borca or bring in soldiers for fear of panicking the kidnappers. Fasar agrees and Rollin promises to return Amara safely.

Jim, playing his role as a slaver, puts Amara in the fake cell, takes her wedding ring, and boasts that he'll get a good price for her on the auction block. Barney is outside posing as one of Borca's soldiers. The team locks Amara up and Jim gives Cinnamon Amara's ring, while Barney worries about what they're doing to Amara. Jim tells him to go as easy on Amara as he can.

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