Mission: Impossible

Season 2 Episode 6

The Slave (2)

Aired Saturday 9:00 PM Oct 15, 1967 on CBS

Episode Recap

Jim takes a bewigged Cinnamon to de Groot, who buys her and takes her to Borca. Jim realizes de Groot hasn't paid him the agreed-upon amount and stalks out. He then follows de Groot, who spots him and a chase ensues. Jim chases de Groot past a pre-arranged spot and Cinnamon breaks off the ignition key. de Groot is forced to come to a halt and he gets out a rifle and prepares to shoot Jim as he approaches. However, Willy gets the drop on de Groot and takes him away, while Jim drives off with Cinnamon.

Amara wakes up in her (fake IMF) cell and hears (fake prerecorded) cries of agony from the other captive slaves. Barney feeds her with a bit of taunting then leaves her to work on the mask of Borca they're working on.

Rollin and Akim are with Fasar when Willy arrives as a fake policeman who has recovered Amara's ring from a peddler. Rollin tells Fasar it should tell them where Amara is, then goes to the IMF's base of operations and dons the Borca disguise.

Jim takes Cinnamon back to Jara's bar with a fake arm injury and claims he killed de Groot. He introduces Cinnamon as his wife and offers Jara a deal. Jara warns that they'll have to deliver Cinnamon to Borca and Jim says he's going to deliver her, much to Cinnamon's (fake) surprise. Jara is suitably impressed with Jim's duplicity, but Musha arrives to take revenge on his supposedly dead boss. Jim points out to Jara that if Musha kills him, there are no slaves for Jara. Jara grabs Jim's gun and kills Musha, and Jim reveals he had a hidden gun but now he trusts Jara.

Rollin is in his disguise and he and Jim meet with Amara, where Rollin/Borca agrees to buy her as a slave and boasts of his slaving operation. Borca tells Jim to dye her hair (to match Cinnamon's) and give her a sedative. Rollin then makes Amara up to look somewhat similar to Cinnamon and Jim meets with Jara to take Cinnamon to Borca's slave auction.

Rollin tells Fasar that Amara will be sold as a slave and Akim backs up his story. Fasar is shocked at the news and grabs a gun to shoot whoever took his wife. Rollin convinces him that they'll have to play it carefully.

Borca is pleased with Cinnamon and Jim demands 50% of the profit from her sale—Borca gives in. Willy wheels in the disguised Barney on the fake cart they've built that has Amara stored in the secret compartment. Rollin and Akim take Fasar to the auction block. Jim insists on staying to make sure how much Cinnamon's sale brings in and Borca agrees. Jim goes to quiet Cinnamon with the aid of some (fake) drugs).

Willy takes over a local merchant's shop while Jim gives Cinnamon the fake knockout drug. Barney and Willy dress as guards and slip into the palace where the slave auction is located. Borca gives his buyers a tour of the slave cells and the principal buyer makes an immediate offer. Borca agrees but Jim insists she go for auction for a higher price, and Borca agrees. Rollin, Akim, and Fasar arrive and go into the auction, while Barney and Willy slip the cart with Amara into the building, with the cart disguised as a food cart.

The auction begins as Willy and Barney switch the unconscious Amara for Cinnamon. Jim prods Borca into putting Cinnamon (now the disguised Amara) up for sale. They bring Amara in and Fasar doesn't initially recognize her because her hair has been dyed blonde. Fasar finally recognizes her and Rollin suggests that the prince buy her. Fasar raises the bids then confronts Borca. Borca realizes that Amara isn't the woman he saw earlier but Amara points out how he visited her in her cell. Borca goes for his gun but Fasar shoots and kills him, and abolishes slavery in Elkabar.

Later the team meets with the reunited couple and Amara admits the deception was necessary and she'd go through it again. The team takes their leave.
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