Mission: Impossible

Season 2 Episode 21

The Town

Aired Saturday 9:00 PM Feb 18, 1968 on CBS

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  • One of the worst mission impossible episodes. Total waste of time

    This is one of the few episodes in this series that looks like was made in a hurry. First of all there is no tape in the start and there is not really a mission at all. Jim just stumbles into the plot. There is not really any technical wizardry by barney which I feel was a total waste of his character. All he could do was to honk the horn of his car. He could have at least created an explosion or a diversion. Nobody really has a role in this episode except for Rollin and even his role is sub par from all his other characters. Ever series have some dud episodes and this defintley fits that category.
  • Jim picked the wrong place to stop for gas.

    Wow - "The Town" is easily the best episode of the second season and ranks as one of the best of the run of "Mission: Impossible."

    Though it deviates from the norm (no tape, dossier scene, no sanctioned mission), it features all of the key ingredients of a great episode. Plus, it actually gives us some character insight that we don't usually get (Rollin and Jim are friends off the clock, planning a hunting trip). It's also exciting to watch the team improvise and work on the fly, with everyone getting to pitch in. We even get to see Rollin and Cinammon make a mask for a quick-change.

    The idea of danger lurking beneath the surface of a picturesque small town is a popular one in fiction. The best example of this may be the film "Bad Day at Black Rock," but "The X-Files" did a number of great small town monster stories. Here, the tone of the show is peaceful at first. We're not sure what to expect when Jim stops at a pharmacy for a Coke...and then sees a woman drop a gas gun that fills the room with smoke. Will Geer makes for a memorable villain as the friendly country doctor who also runs a sleeper group of enemy agents.

    Not only is there the tension of the team trying to rescue the near-comatose Jim, but also of the progress of the assassins on their way to rub out the Russian defector.

    A tense, exciting episode with all of the hallmarks the show is known for, "The Town" is classic "Mission: Impossible."
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