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  • Season 7 Episode 21: The Western

  • The message on the money Casey is carrying in her purse reads "This note is not valid. It is for use in motion pictures only and is non-negotiable. Use for any other purpose is in violation of the law." At the bottom of the bill above the words "Fifty Dollars" are the words "For Motion Picture Use Only." The President pictured is Franklin Pierce. Two bills shown in the Casey's purse on the airplane and one in her purse at the casino all have the same serial number.

  • Season 7 Episode 18: The Fighter

  • Under the headlines "Motocyclist Killed" and "Hit and Run Driver Sought by Police" on the phony newspaper Casey gives Pete are several sentences that have nothing to do with anything the headlines indicate.

  • Season 7 Episode 16: The Question

  • When Phelps is tracking Varsi and Andrea in the car, a tracking map shows the car traveling north on Army Street. According to the dialogue, the car turns east on Commonwealth but the map has a different name for the street although it has been partially erased.

  • After Varsi takes Andrea as a "hostage" they pass a Gulf gas station whose prices are 27 9/10 and 29 9/10. After turning "east on Commonwealth" they pass the same station on the opposite side of the street and the prices are now 28 9/10 and 31 9/10. Later, after Jim and Willy separate from Barney, Phelps is shown across the street from the same gas station whose prices now read 26 9/10 and 28 9/10 (the pedestrian crossing sign and a "Zachary" sign are the same in all three scenes).

  • Season 7 Episode 13: The Puppet

  • Trivia: When first Jim and then the bad guy enter the travel agency (named "Tourways") to discuss the plane tickets to Zurich, there is a poster to the right of Jim and behind the agent's head, which is for the German airline "Lufthansa."

  • Season 7 Episode 11: Kidnap

  • Although this episode is supposedly a sequel to season six's "Casino", the details presented here don't match what happened in that episode. In that episode, the team stole $1.5 million and framed the casino owner: here, Metzger says that the team stole $4 million and incriminating records. None of the people seen here were in that episode, including Proctor, who was supposedly the head of security even though he was never seen in "Casino."

  • The same clock model (if not the exact same clock) can be seen on the wall of the tennis court building and later inside the bank.

  • Jim could have gotten out of the wire binding his hands fairly easily and early on simply by bending the part between his hands back and forth repeatedly, eventually the wire would have broken. This would have made the juggling of the top bunk and contorting to get his bound hands from back to front and back again unnecessary. Also, using the electric heating coil to break the wire would never have worked.

  • Season 7 Episode 3: The Deal

  • After Willy is shot and the boat abandons him, a far shot of Willy and the retreating boat is shown. In the lower left corner of the screen a section of another boat (probably the boat with the camera) briefly appears in the supposedly deserted waters. [This is only visible on flatscreen TVs and monitors.]

  • Why does the IMF use blood-tranquilizer bullets during the fake execution - they've already replaced Rogan's man Chalmer with an IMF lookalike.

  • Season 7 Episode 1: Break!

  • The two times that we see IMF agents rig the pool balls, they take out a single bottle and spray the balls. However, despite the relatively simple procedure, somehow Barney is able to determine the numbers of all fifteen balls in play.

  • Sharkey conveniently assumes that Press and Barney are telling the truth and can rig the game in Stick's favor. However, they present him with no evidence or demonstration, and Sharkey knows that Press works for his rival. The mobster gambles over $30,000 on the word of a stranger and his rival's lieutenant.

  • Barney states during the briefing that he can only give Jim a 5% edge. However, when Jim scratches, the cue ball goes wide by much more than 5%. Jim has no indication of when Barney was going to make him scratch, and it seems impossible they could have agreed upon a pre-determined time beforehand given the vagaries of the game. Nor does Barney cue Jim in that he's making him scratch. Later, Barney sabotages Stick's shot the same way.

  • Season 6 Episode 18: Committed

  • When Phelps picks the lock to the office outside Casey's cell, he puts the suitcase he is holding down and moves both hands over to the lock. When the shot switches from the outside to the inside through the glass window, we see Phelps with one hand on the knob and the other already holding the suitcase before entering the room.

  • Season 6 Episode 17: Image

  • Willy breaks into Coffin's wine cellar without being particularly careful and hitting bricks more or less at random - but the facade he brings with him matches the hole exactly.

  • Season 6 Episode 16: Stone Pillow (aka Big House)

  • Despite the fact Casey claims she has never heard Leona's voice, she does an impersonation perfect enough to fool Edison.

  • Season 6 Episode 10: Blues (aka Hard Rock)

  • Lynda Day George is left-handed and while working at a console with Willy, writes down something with her left hand. But when the camera cuts to a close-up insert, the hand used is the right one.

  • Season 6 Episode 4: Mindbend

  • Pierson has been led to believe that Dr. Burke programmed Barney to kill Pierson instead of the established target. He goes to Burke's lab and insists on examining the programming materials. At this point, Burke should have told Pierson that it was too late, because his assistant had already destroyed the slides and the mask. He should have been shocked to find that there was any evidence in the lab, not just faked evidence.

  • Burke's lab is hidden in a large laundry - the truck says "Superior Linen Company" but in one shot you can see the location laundry's real name - "American Linen Supply" - on a billboard behind the truck saying "Superior."

  • Jim tells Casey to make a mask "of" Teague, when he means for her to make a mask "for" Teague (of Barney).

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