Mission: Magic

ABC (ended 1975)


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Episode Guide

  • Season 1
    • A Light Mystery.
      A Light Mystery.
      Episode 14
      After Franklin delivers his speech about being named Science Student Of The Year, he and the others discover that a generator has been stolen. The Adventurers' Club goes to the Land Of Lights to get it back. There are three suspects: Count Celesta, Madame Marquee, and Baron Borealis. Each one rules a different province, but one seeks to become the ruler of the entire land.moreless
    • Horse Feathers.
      Horse Feathers.
      Episode 13
      The Adventurers' Club attends a rodeo in a land beyond the magic door. They discover that a cowpoke named Bronco is up to no good. But he soon sees the error of his ways.
    • Modran Returns
      Modran Returns
      Episode 12
      Modran lures Miss Tickle and her students into his world by using Rick as bait. This time, the sorceror's scheme is to steal Tut-Tut, who turns out to be the key to the magic door. The good guys have to get him back just so they can return. But it won't be easy.moreless
    • Nephren
      Episode 11
      While on a mission to restore the City Of Antiquity, Miss Tickle contends with Nephren, an ancient Egyptian Queen who has come back to life. This Queen's magic proves so powerful that Miss Tickle ends up exhausted. But both women have to join forces to rescue Nephren's lackeys, who are trapped inside a pyramid.moreless
    • Dr. Daguerratype.
      Dr. Daguerratype.
      Episode 10
      Dr. Daguerratype has invented a camera that can turn people and objects into photographs. He and his accomplices Rex and Ina use it to photograph the magic door so that they can steal famous landmarks. When the Adventurers' Club pursues them, they turn all but Miss Tickle and Rick into photographs. Their plan to photograph the adults backfires, and they end up on film themselves. Miss Tickle restores her friends and the magic door to normal so that they can return safely.moreless
    • Dr. Astro.
      Dr. Astro.
      Episode 9
      Miss Tickle and her friends go after Dr. Astro, who has stolen the Golden Horns. He uses their power to bring the Zodiac signs to life. Can even Miss Tickle triumph over this evil?
    • Will The Real Rick Springfield Please Stand Up
      Miss Tickle can't figure out why Rick is being so hard on Tolamy. It soon turns out that "Rick" and "Tolamy" are actually the Chameleon and Arlo, a pair of crooks who can change their appearances to be anyone they want. They have entered our world through the magic door. Eventually, both men pose as Rick, creating further chaos.moreless
    • Statue Of Limitations
      The club goes to modern day Paris to investigate the theft of a statue called the Contemplator. Female stage magician Trix Le Grande is a suspect. But so are Pierre La Hoax and the Artful Codger. Further complicating matters are the fact that each of the three has his or her own Contemplator.moreless
    • Giant Steppes.
      Giant Steppes.
      Episode 6
      When Rick and his friend Billy are captured by the female giant Madame Mammoth, it's Miss Tickle to the rescue. The Adventurers' Club's mission this time is to restore the miniaturized Billy to his rightful place as ruler of the land.
    • Something Fishy
      Something Fishy
      Episode 5
      The team finds danger in an underwater city. Dr. Manta is using his power over the water to dominate the subjects. In addition, he has captured Socks and Vinnie. Can Miss Tickle end the villain's threat before innocent people end up in a water grave?
    • 2600 A.D.
      2600 A.D.
      Episode 4
      Miss Tickle and the students travel into the distant future. They discover that in 2600 A.D., Omni the robot is the ruler of humans. Omni turns out not to be so evil when a comet heads for Earth. In desperation, he asks Miss Tickle and Rick to help him.
    • City Inside The Earth.
      While visiting the Carlsbad Caverns, the Adventurers Club is summoned by Rick to a city beneath the Earth's surface. There, they run into Professor Farenheit, who seeks to claim the underground city for himself.
    • Land Of Hyde And Go Seek.
      The group visits a land where Colonel Kadiddle is threatened by invaders who only want the substance that can change their hairstyles. Miss Tickle uses her magic to make peace between the warring factions.
    • Dissnonia.
      Episode 1
      The Adventurers Club visit a land where three music hating villains have created a music eliminator to wipe out all the music in the world. Miss Tickle tries using her magic to destroy the machine, only to realize it's indestructible. What can be done to restore music to the world?
  • Specials