Mister Ed

Season 3 Episode 16

Big Pine Lodge

Aired Unknown Jan 17, 1963 on CBS

Episode Recap

Ed finds out that his niece, Edwina II the racehorse, is in town. So he is very disappointed that he won't be seeing her race because the Posts and Addisons are going on a skiing weekend at Big Pine Lodge and taking him along. Meanwhile, Kay wants a second honeymoon out of the trip and warns Addison that he is not to spend the whole weekend playing cards, as he did on the previous stay at Big Pine. But at the lodge, temptation looms in the form of Haskell and Johnson. They are two card sharks who decide Addison will make a suitable pigeon for them.

In order to join the game, Addison wangles his way out of skiing, but Kay has Wilbur act as watchdog to prevent him entering any card games. However, Wilbur is distracted by the hotel clerk verifying a long distance phone call. Wilbur realizes that Ed has been phoning up after his niece and charging it to his room, and goes off to confront him. While Wilbur is gone, Addison joins the game, but loses heavily under the sharks. Kay is furious.

Meanwhile, the two sharks go to Ed's stall to divide their winnings and brag about what a pigeon they made out of Addison with their signals. They decide that Wilbur will be their next pigeon. But of course Ed hears everything and tells Wilbur. Ed says he will help get Addison's money back if Wilbur will take him home to his niece, and Wilbur agrees. The plan is to beat the sharks at their own game, with their own set of signals. The plan succeeds, and Wilbur wins Addison's money back. But the hotel clerk is rather surprised to find a horse in his kitchen.

On the way home, Wilbur puts the radio on so Ed can hear the progress of his niece. Ed is delighted to hear that Edwina won her first race.

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