Mister Ed

Season 3 Episode 16

Big Pine Lodge

Aired Unknown Jan 17, 1963 on CBS



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    • Wilbur: (Ed has told Wilbur how Johnson and Haskell made a pigeon out of Addison at cards) Ed, I find that hard to believe - those two men looked so honest!
      Ed: I heard it with my own ears!
      Wilbur: Oh, those dirty crooks! Wish there was some way of getting Roger's money back!
      Ed: Well, now, if I told you a way, would you take me home to my niece tomorrow?
      Wilbur: Yes, I would! What have you got in mind?
      Ed: Why don't we make up our own signals and get them in a game?
      Wilbur: No, Ed, they'd never play poker with a horse.
      Ed: They won't even know I'm there.
      Wilbur: What do you have in mind?
      Ed: Well, you know that, that... (starts whispering his plan in Wilbur's ear. The next scene shows Ed's head in the place of the moose head overlooking the card table.)

    • Ed: (discussing Edwina's win) You know why Edwina won that race?
      Wilbur: Why?
      Ed: Because she's so pretty, those other horses were chasing her so they could smooch!

    • Wilbur: (goes through signals with Ed to beat the card sharks) So, let's run through those signals, shall we? Now, if they're bluffing, you wink your eye. If they've got two pair, three of a kind, you move your ears. If they've got better than that, you stick your tongue out. You understand it?
      Ed: Are you kidding? I made those signals up!

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