Mister Ed

Season 3 Episode 10

Disappearing Horse

Aired Unknown Nov 29, 1962 on CBS

Episode Recap

Ed and Wilbur are playing a game of tossing cards into a hat. Ed is winning, of course. Addison interrupts with news from the wives' community theatrical project. They are going to put on a variety show, and their husbands are being asked to perform. Addison wants Wilbur to refuse Carol's request so he will not be obliged to say yes to Kay. Wilbur agrees as he does not want to participate anyway. But Carol manipulates him into saying that he can outdo another husband's magician's act, and be M.C. as well. Kay uses this to manipulate Addison into performing a ukelele number.

Wilbur starts practicing his conjuring and Addison his ukelele, and both of them are determined to outdo the other at the show. Addison is pulling ahead with Kay's help, so Wilbur comes up with a grand idea to beat Addison - the guillotine trick. Carol is too scared of the guillotine to participate in the trick, so Wilbur decides to use Ed instead, but Ed is equally scared. He pretends to agree, but tries to stop the act by calling the police to investigate Wilbur for animal cruelty. The police end up with complimentary tickets to the show. But when one policeman gets his head stuck in the guillotine during a demonstration of the trick, he gets stuck. The bid to free him leaves the guillotine unusable. Now there is no guillotine trick. So Wilbur comes up with another act - a disappearing horse trick. The idea has Ed disappearing in a hurry.

At the show, the Addisons' ukelele act is a great success. Wilbur proves a somewhat klutsy magician with a very lovely and sexy assistant - Carol. The trick does not go as Wilbur hoped, but it brings the house down with lots of laughs and it is taken for a comedy magic act. The newspaper calls the show a 'smash success'.