Mister Ed

Season 3 Episode 25

Doctor Ed

Aired Unknown Mar 31, 1963 on CBS

Episode Recap

After checking the TV guide, Ed finds all his favorite medical shows are on. But Addison comes in, asking to borrow Ed's portable because his television blew out. Ed makes clear warning to Wilbur that he does not want to lend it. But his resistance and Wilbur's excuses are to no avail - Addison takes the portable.

Three days later, Addison still has the set. Ed is very upset at missing his medical shows. He is not confident about Addison getting his own set repaired quickly because of his cheapskate ways. Wilbur tries to reassure him, but in the end he agrees to go to Addison about getting the set back.

Addison is busy, so Wilbur gets caught up in modelling a new coat and accessories for Kay and Carol. He also finds himself caught in the middle over a quarrel they have over Selma Pederson. He gives them advice about making a friend out of an enemy, but they are not impressed. Then Wilbur finds himself stuck in the coat and dressed as a woman. While he is stuck, the TV repairman calls, which leads to some embarrassing moments until Addison appears and things are sorted.

The repairman quotes $35.00 for a new condenser to repair the set. Cheapskate Addison tries to beat him down, citing other quotes ranging from $65 to $12. The repairman is not impressed and walks out. Wilbur, now liberated from the coat, tries to get the set back, but Addison manipulates him into having him keep it longer. From the window, Ed has seen everything and has had enough. He declares that if he can't watch his set, Addison will not either. So he pulls down Addison's antenna. Unfortunately, Addison blames Wilbur for this. Wilbur denies it, saying it was probably the wind. But Addison now refuses to talk to Wilbur.

Wilbur returns to Ed's stable, fuming over Addison wrongly blaming him. Ed is outraged, but does not confess. Then an overjoyed Carol drops in. She tells Wilbur that she and Kay decided to act on his suggestion about Selma, and it worked out. Wilbur puts Ed to bed and says that he should not be angry; he is soft-hearted and humanitarian and that is why he likes the medical shows. Ed is not impressed, declaring that even if he was a doctor, he would not help Addison.

But then Ed has a dream where he is Dr. Ed at the city "horsepital", Wilbur is his assistant and Addison the patient. Addison needs an operation but Dr. Ed refuses to do it because of his anger towards Addison. Wilbur protests that Dr. Ed cannot let his personal feelings interfere with his duty, but Dr. Ed still refuses. Morever, cheapskate Addison refuses to let Dr. Ed operate because of the cost. Wilbur offers to operate instead although he has not performed brain surgery before. But Addison starts sinking and only Dr. Ed can save him. When Dr. Ed arrives, Wilbur and Nurse Carol say it's too late. Dr. Ed says "it's not too late, I can still save him", and with these words Ed wakes up. Wilbur comes in, aroused by the noise Ed is making. It is now that Ed confesses to pulling down the antenna and urges him to tell Addison.

It is just then that Addison returns Ed's set because his own is now repaired. He apologises to Wilbur, saying he now accepts that it was the wind that knocked down the antenna. Ed gives a quick signal to Wilbur to leave it at that.

Ed finds he has lost his taste for medical shows. Wilbur suggests he switch to keep-fit shows and Ed finds himself enjoying the exercises.