Mister Ed

Season 3 Episode 11

Ed and Paul Revere

Aired Unknown Dec 06, 1962 on CBS

Episode Recap

Addison drops in on Wilbur. He has returned from the civic committee and announces that they are going to build a statue of an ancestor of his in the park - Paul Revere. He invites Wilbur over to dinner to meet the sculptor, Igor Korzak. After Addison leaves, Ed asks Wilbur to arrange it with Korzak for him to be the model for Revere's horse for all the fillies to admire. Wilbur is dubious as Addison and Ed do not like each other.

Korzak arrives at the Addisons' house. He does not like Addison either and says he will not make a suitable model for the Revere statue. But when Wilbur arrives, Korzak is immediately struck at what a model he would make. Addison goes into a state of shock when he hears this. Then Korzak sees Ed through the window, where Ed is trying to demonstrate what a model he would make, and is impressed. Ed and Wilbur are now models for the statue, and Korzak moves in with the Posts while he works on it. Addison is not pleased that Korzak chose Wilbur over him. The Posts are not pleased either, for Korzak is very difficult and demanding to live with. Only Ed likes Korzak -  until Wilbur points out that the horse will not be acknowledged on the plaque, only Paul Revere and Igor Korzak. Ed is outraged to hear how neglected the role of horses is in American history, or at the horse getting no mention on the plaque. So, at the next sitting, Ed asks Wilbur to issue an ultimatum to Korzak - the horse gets credit, or else.

Meanwhile, Addison is making another bid to convince Korzak that he should be the model, without success. Wilbur's effort to convince Korzak to give the horse credit is equally unavailing, so Ed goes into the 'or else' - a sit down strike. Korzak issues his own ultimatum - get Ed to pose, or he will be on a plane tomorrow with the fee from Addison, although this will be a breach of contract. Addison goes into another state of shock, but snaps out of it when Wilbur promises him that he will convince Korzak that he should be the model for Revere.

Wilbur tells Korzak to use Addison for the model, or he will not have his horse pose for the statue. Wilbur tries to blackmail Ed into posing by threatening to use Ed's rival, Lightning, in his place. Ed still refuses, so Wilbur brings in Lightning. Ed gives in, and so does Korzak. Things are still not easy as Ed does not like working with Addison, but the statue is finished. However, Addison, Wilbur, and Ed are in for a shock at the unveiling - the statue is an impressionistic work that looks nothing like Addison or Ed. Nobody had told them that Korzak was an impressionist. The crowd is in fits of laughter. Later, Ed turns it to his advantage by spreading a rumor that Lightning posed for the statue.