Mister Ed

Season 3 Episode 11

Ed and Paul Revere

Aired Unknown Dec 06, 1962 on CBS



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    • Addison : (drops in on Wilbur, and he is all smiles) I just returned from luncheon at the civic committee. (holds out hand) Congratulate me!
      Wilbur: Why - somebody else pick up the tab?
      Addison: This is serious. Thanks to me, there's going to be a statue of Paul Revere in the park.
      Wilbur: Good! Now, if those Redcoats decide to come back, we'll be ready for them.
      Addison: Please! Paul Revere happens to be one of my illustrious ancestors.

    • Ed: (outraged that Paul Revere's horse will not be acknowledged on the plaque of the upcoming Revere statue) Where would Paul Revere have been without his horse?
      Wilbur: I don't know.
      Ed: Oh, why are they always leaving horses out of American history?
      Wilbur: I don't know - I flunked American history.
      Ed: Who pulled the covered wagons? Horses!
      Wilbur: Ah, yes, but men like me were inside those wagons.
      Ed: That's why they were covered.
      Wilbur: That's an old joke.
      Ed: Well, Custer's last stand - we were there too.
      Wilbur: That was a disaster though.
      Ed: What do you think the Indians were riding - rabbits?

    • Wilbur: (Korzak's statue of Paul Revere statue is unveiled, but the statue is producing shock and laughter) Mr. Korzak, what have you done?
      Korzak: (waves his hands for silence) Silence! This is a masterpiece! It represents the pure essence of Paul Revere! Didn't you people know I was an impressionistic sculptor?
      Wilbur: Mr. Korzak, you mind if I make one little suggestion?
      Korzak: Well, yes, of course.
      Wilbur: Put the cover back on.

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