Mister Ed

Season 3 Episode 19

Ed and the Secret Service

Aired Unknown Feb 07, 1963 on CBS

Episode Recap

Wilbur is serving Ed breakfast in bed and giving him Sunday off because he lost a bet with him on a horse. Wilbur also tells Ed that Carol and Kay had their eye on using him for the hunting club they have started; hunting clubs are a new fad in emulation of the First Lady, Jacqueline Kennedy. Carol and Kay have been working on getting Wilbur and Addison to join, and eventually both agree to it. But Ed is not so agreeable because he is scared of jumping, which is something he will be doing at the hunt. Wilbur tries jumping lessons for Ed, but they just end up convincing Ed that jumping is animal abuse.

Meanwhile, Ed has tried to put the First Lady off hunting clubs by phoning the White House. But the operator took him for a crank and reported him to the Secret Service. The Secret Service traced the call, and they move in to investigate the Posts.

Wilbur, Addison, Kay and Carol are now set to go off on the hunt with some rented horses. But Ed will not allow those horses to jump as he considers it animal abuse. He tells them to take the day off and they do, but Wilbur soon finds out. But unknown to them, the Secret Service agents have arrived and bugged Ed's stable. So now they are eavesdropping on the argument Wilbur is having with Ed over getting rid of the horses. But they misunderstand and end up thinking Wilbur has got rid of several men and now threatening to get rid of another.

They move in to confront Wilbur, but are baffled when they cannot find the other man that Wilbur was talking to. Still, Wilbur has to explain the phone call to the White House or he will be in trouble. Wilbur tries to explain that Ed made the call and he demonstrates how the horse can operate phones to the agents. And then Kay, Carol and Addison come in wearing their hunting gear and the ladies are wearing Jacqueline Kennedy wigs. Now the agents are really beginning to think they are dealing with kooks. But they still need an explanation for the phone call or there will be serious trouble. So Ed goes into the house and calls his phone. He confesses to the agents that he made the call and he really is a talking horse. After this, the agents decide to write the case off and leave in a hurry.

Ed eventually agrees to go on the hunt with Wilbur.













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