Mister Ed

Season 3 Episode 23

Ed the Zebra

Aired Unknown Mar 21, 1963 on CBS



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    • Wilbur: (Ed refuses to participate in the funny photo competition) Ed, I think you're being ridiculous.
      Ed: You want to put clothes on me, and I'm ridiculous?

      Wilbur: It's only for the photograph, and it's in fun! You lost your sense of humor?
      Ed: No, and I'm not losing my dignity either!
      Wilbur: Dignity?
      Ed: A horse is the noblest animal, and we don't like to be ridiculed!

    • Ed: (overhears that Addison wants to dress him up in clothes for a funny photo competition) Nobody's going to make me look like a fool! Wearing pants! I'm a horse, not a lambchop!

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