Mister Ed

Season 3 Episode 18

Horse Talk

Aired Unknown Jan 31, 1963 on CBS
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Horse Talk

Wilbur and Ed help an old handyman who was wrongfully accused of drugging a horse before a big race.

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    Alan Young

    Alan Young

    Wilbur Post

    Connie Hines

    Connie Hines

    Carol Post

    Larry Keating

    Larry Keating

    Roger Addison (1961-1963)

    Edna Skinner

    Edna Skinner

    Kay Addison (1961-1964)

    Allan Lane

    Allan Lane

    Mister Ed (voice only)

    Bamboo Harvester

    Bamboo Harvester

    Mister Ed

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      • Mr McGivney: (name cleared and reinstated to his old job) Well, I still don't know how you did it, Mr Post. But it's grand having my old job back with Lady Sue.

      • Wilbur: Ed,I'm taking you to the race track with me!
        Ed: Sorry Wilbur, my mother taught us kids never to bet.
        Wilbur: Ed, I just had a talk with McGivney. There's only one way we can prove his innocence. Only Lady Sue knows who slipped her that pill, right?
        Ed: So?
        Wilbur: So I sneak you into the stall, you talk to Lady Sue in horse talk, and we find out who did it!
        Ed: Oh Wilbur, I always knew I was smart, but I gotta say one thing.
        Wilbur: What?
        Ed: Some of it's rubbed off on you!

      • Ed: (re McGivney)) He is innocent!
        Wilbur: How do you know?
        Ed: Animal instinct.
        Wilbur: How do you know, Ed?
        Ed: How do I know I'm an animal?

      • Wilbur: (at Murphy's grain & feed store) "Murphy's vitamix" - how about some nice, healthy Murphy's vitamix?
        Ed: Ick!

      • Ed: (at Murphy's grain & feed store) Yeah, how about some of that molasses mix?
        Wilbur: Oh no, no molasses mix for you. This sweet stuff is bad for your teeth.
        Ed: Ho, ho, ho! You ever hear about a horse with false choppers?

      • Morgan: (holding Wilbur at gunpoint) Now who else knows it was me who slipped Lady Sue that goofball?
        Wilbur: Well, there's just me and my horse (security guard enters) - and that nice big policeman behind you!

      • Wilbur: (sets up walkie-talkie link between Ed and Lady Sue) Would you talk to Lady Sue? Ask her if she can remember getting a pill just before her last race. (after question and reply) What did she say, Ed?
        Ed: (translating) She said the pill was a gasser, and where can she get some more?
        Wilbur: Ask her if Mr McGivney gave her that pill.(after question and reply) What did she say?
        Ed: (translating) She says McGivney is a sweet man and he wouldn't even give her an aspirin without a prescription.
        Wilbur: Ask her if she remembers who did give her the pill.(after question and reply) Well?
        Ed: (translating) She says she's bad on names, but she can describe the man: he always wears a pork pie hat, a black shirt and a white tie.

      • Wilbur: (at Murphy's Grain & Feed Store) Murphy's vitamins - how about some nice, healthy Murphy's vitamins?
        Ed: Ick!

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