Mister Ed

CBS (ended 1966)





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  • Mister Ed is a genius comedy!

    I love this show so much and have the first DVD boxed set. A girlfriend in college said she hated the show and I could never understand why, since it is so funny!

    On the first volume is one of my favorite episodes where Ed gets an Abraham Lincoln complex and frees not only a caged bird meant as a gift for Kay, but a whole aviary. All of the birds wind up in Addison's house and drive him stark raving nuts. The other actor who comes after Addison's character leaves the set is hilarious too. Everyone thinks that Wilbur is nuts, but he isn't! And the fun thing is only Wilbur and Ed knowing about their hilarious and often devious conversations. I love Ed's dancing and singing, and occasional defiance toward Wilbur. Even though it's an old show, it still casts a magical spell over me. I'm not an animal lover, but I can imagine it's super precious to people who love animals and consider them part of the family.