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  • Hello, I'm Mister Ed. Could the story of a horse that talked to only one man really change the world forver? Once upon a time, it seemed like a distinct possibility.

    A Horse Is A Horse - Of Course, Of Course...

    I was eleven years old the first time I saw Mister Ed on Nick-At-Nite, (or twelve or thirteen, somewhere in there, my memory's a tad bit foggy these days), and I immediately became a fan. Heck, I even turned the simple phrase "I don't think so, Wilbur" into a popular, (if I do say so myself), tagline at school. I remember once, I taped a marathon on Nick-at-Nite, from the first episode to the last, and over the course of the next few years, I actually wore that tape out. Ed surfed, Ed sang, Ed danced, Ed taught the Dodgers how to hit, and Ed flew an airplane...

    Well, Ed tried to fly an airplane, anyway.

    And, good times were had by all.

    Yeah, I really loved that show as a kid, and, as I would come to find out, I still do! Lately, I been watching Mister Ed on TV Land in the mornings, (or, rather, taping it so I could watch it later, darn grown up stuff), and I was very happy to find that the humor still held up, and the entertainment was as good as ever. Yeah, it can be a tad silly sometimes, but, hey, that's all a part of that pure Classic TV goodness we all know and love!

    There's a lot of good TV shows out there, but this Golden Palomino, well, he's a horse of a different color! If ever there was a show worth watching, then friends, Mister Ed is that show!
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