Mister Ed - Season 0

CBS (ended 1966)




Episode Guide

  • The Wonderful World of Wilbur Pope

    Wilbur Pope, a young architect, and his wife, Carlotta, move into their very first home. Wilbur discovers a horse in the barn in the back yard, named Mister Ed, whom can actually talk. But Mister Ed will only speak only to Wilbur, so naturally everyone, including the skeptic Carlotta, think Wilbur is crazy when he tells people that his horse talks. With Wilbur in trouble of being driven away, Mister Ed comes up with a scheme to save Wilbur's reputation. Wilbur goes to a neighbor's house with bird seed and cat food and lets all the animals come to him. Eveyone walks in, sees this, and assume that Wilbur's got a "special" relationship with animals which explains his momentary lapse of sanity of thinking his horse talks.