Mister Ed

Season 3 Episode 26

The Blessed Event

Aired Unknown May 12, 1963 on CBS

Episode Recap

Wilbur is having the Addisons over for a barbeque. Ed asks for barbequed carrots because his friend Domino is pregnant, and he is going to be an uncle. Wilbur is pleased to provide the carrots but draws the line at Domino having some apples that "accidentally fell off" Addison's tree. But Ed is determined to have them for Domino. When he goes over, he finds that Kay is tired of Addison adoring his apple tree over her, and she almost leaves him.

Ed tries to steal some apples, but knocks a cushion into Addison's yard in the process. Wilbur confronts Ed, but Ed is says they can always blame it on the wind. Wilbur is not sure that will explain the cushion.  But it seems to when Addison comes in with the cushion and a basket of apples. Ed now has his apples for Domino and goes off to see her. Meanwhile, Wilbur is having problems with his barbeque, and Addison's constant advice is not helping.

Ed types a list of potential names for the foal, but Addison finds the list and mistakenly thinks Wilbur and Carol are having a baby. Kay is incredulous while Addison is annoyed that her name is on the list of names but not his. They decide on subtle investigation to see if it is true. Kay sees Carol holding what looks like a pair of booties (actually Wilbur's golf socks that got shrunk in the wash) and phones Addison to confirm their suspicions. In the stable, Wilbur takes the phone from Ed, who was trying to phone the vet about Domino's progress, and overhears the Addisons. But he misunderstands and thinks it is the Addisons who are having a baby. He rushes off to tell Carol. Now misunderstandings occur on both sides, with huge amounts of fuss over Carol and Kay that leave them baffled.

Meanwhile, Domino has gone into labour and Ed goes over to her stables for the outcome. Later, he phones Wilbur to tell him it is a boy. When Wilbur shouts this aloud, it brings the misunderstanding to light and it is cleared up.

Ed is so happy he keeps on singing "rocka-bye-baby". He buys Wilbur a box of cigars to celebrate. The name of the foal is left unrevealed.

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