Mister Ed

Season 3 Episode 17

Unemployment Show

Aired Unknown Jan 24, 1963 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • As Mr. Ed raises his head after Wilber awakens him by popping a paper bag, you can see a man's hand holding Mr. Ed's leg in the lower left side of the frame.

  • Quotes

    • Wilbur: Ed, do you know why you sleep so late? Well, it's because you have no purpose in life. Now, you would be a happier, healthier horse if you had some work to look forward to each day.
      Ed: Okay, send me to medical school and make me a brain surgeon.
      Wilbur: All right, Rip Van Winkle, sleep your life away.
      Ed: Wilbur - I resent being called a lazy bum!
      Wilbur: Look, Ed, I did not call you a bum!
      Ed: That's okay, find me a job, I'll pay my way!
      Wilbur: Now you're talking! I'll put an ad in the paper right away.
      Ed: What are you going to say?
      Wilbur: Horse for hire. Want short working hours and plenty of carrot breaks.
      Ed: That's my boy!

    • Wilbur: (after waking Ed up, and Ed asks the time) It's 10 o'clock, and do you have to sleep so late every morning?
      Ed: Yeah - I've got tired blood.
      Wilbur: I don't know why - it never moves.

    • Addison: (on his unemployed brother-in-law Ralph) Oh, I wish he could get a job - so I can get him off my back!
      Wilbur: He's a press agent, isn't he?
      Addison: So he claims, but so far the only thing he's pressing is me.
      Wilbur: How long has he been out of work?
      Addison: He's been collecting unemployment insurance so long, they've named a branch office after him.

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