Mister Ed

Season 3 Episode 12

Wilbur the Masher

Aired Unknown Dec 13, 1962 on CBS

Episode Recap

Ed asks Wilbur to take him out for a ride so he can meet up with Flossy, the latest filly he is infatuated with. When Flossy passes by, Ed makes wolf-whistles and crude sexy comments at her. Of course, Flossy's rider, Mrs. Gordon, thinks it is Wilbur, who foolishly tells her his name. She is deeply offended, calls him a masher, and then threatens him with the police. Wilbur gallops off in a hurry. When they get home, Wilbur tells Ed he is not taking him to the park and Flossy again.

Meanwhile, Kay suggests to Carol that they go a trip to San Francisco for a French fashion show. They plot on how to manipulate their husbands into financing their trip, but Addison overhears and tells Wilbur. Wilbur is agreeable to Carol going while Addison is not to Kay going, but is eventually manipulated into agreeing.

Ed is determined to see Flossy and phones Mrs Gordon to find out when she will be riding Flossy again. But Mrs. Gordon recognizes his voice as that of the masher and hangs up on him. As Mrs. Gordon knows Wilbur's name, they are able to track him down and shout at him. This leads to another rift between Wilbur and Carol, who now thinks Wilbur is being unfaithful, and the Addisons puzzled at the accusations against Wilbur. They invite Carol to dinner to talk it over.

The only way to straighten out the mess is to convince Mrs. Gordon that the masher's voice was not Wilbur's, and Ed thinks he knows how. That evening, Carol is at the Addisons when Wilbur comes in and tells Carol he is going to take her to the Gordons' house and prove his innocence. The story he tells Carol is that a shy man in the park made the whistles at Mrs. Gordon. Carol is not impressed, but when Wilbur points out that she knows he cannot even whistle, she relents and agrees to go and see the Gordons with him. However, Mrs. Gordon is just as skeptical about the story about the shy man, but Wilbur tells her the man will phone. Ed is supposed to phone at a scheduled time, but is delayed because the Addisons drop into the stable with a gift and start composing a note to go with it. Eventually he makes the call from Wilbur's house. Mrs. Gordon is convinced and everything is sorted out.

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