Mister Ed

Season 3 Episode 20

Working Wives

Aired Unknown Feb 14, 1963 on CBS



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    • Addison: (after seeing Wilbur's spaghetti) I haven't had a decent meal since Kay went to work. Now you've ruined this one!
      Wilbur: All right, throw me out of the chefs union!

    • Carol: (she and Kay come home with sore feet) Kay, maybe we shouldn't have quit the jobs. I think our husbands were weakening.
      Kay: So were my arches! (winces in pain)
      Carol: Mine, too. Oh, I'm bushed from trying to outrun that fresh floorwalker. (winces in pain)
      Kay: Me, too. You know, high heels just don't stand a chance against track shoes.

    • Wilbur: (cooking dinner, but his meatballs are too large) How's that for a meatball, Rog?
      Addison: Stick a couple of holes in it and you can go bowling.

    • Wilbur: (finds Ed is using the shoe polishing machine on his hooves) I've told you a hundred times not to use this! You're going to ruin that machine!
      Ed: I was just sprucing up for my date tonight.
      Wilbur: Next, you'll be wanting to use my electric razor.
      Ed: No, I'm growing a beard. My little filly likes to sing along with Ed.

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