Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Season 8 Episode 53

A Rainbow for Prince Tuesday (3)

Aired Unknown Apr 30, 1975 on PBS

Episode Recap

Rogers brings in a fish made out of a sponge and explains why it is not a real fish. Audrey brings a Funny-fast-film showing her cleaning an airplane. Mr. McFeely flies to the land of Allmine to look for a rainbow. He and Mr. Allmine find many different types of bows. When they find a rainbow, it turns out to be a trout. Since King Friday orderd him to bring back a rainbow, Mr. McFeely takes the fish to the NOM. King Friday is not pleased. He wanted a rainbow in the sky. Rogers goes to Joe Negri's Music Shop and listens to musicians playing music. They demonstrate different instruments. Rogers makes his own instrument from a comb and waxed paper. Songs: Won't You Be My Neighbor?, Good Feeling.