Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Season 8 Episode 55

A Rainbow for Prince Tuesday (5)

Aired Unknown May 02, 1975 on PBS

Episode Recap

Rogers explains how an umbrella is used. He explains how to be careful with its catch and spokes. He goes with Mr. McFeely to Brockett Bakery to see Chef Brockett prepare foods using watermelon and other fruits. In the NOM, Lady Elaine gives a weather report on MGR-TV. After she says that it will not rain, Mr. McFeely comes in and announces that it is raining. They realize that a rainbow might appear if the sun comes out. A rainbow does appear. King Friday is happy, but he wants it to stay all the time. Prince Tuesday thinks the rainbow is his and feels sad when it fades. Lady Elaine says she has films of the rainbow, and will show them to Prince Tuesday whenever he wants to see the rainbow. Rogers explains that no one can own a rainbow, it is there for everyone. Songs: Won't You Be My Neighbor?, Good Feeling.
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