Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Season 18 Episode 3

Alike and Different (3)

Aired Unknown Nov 25, 1987 on PBS

Episode Recap

Rogers enters with a St. Bernard dog called Rose. Mr. McFeely has been taking care for her while her owners are away. He says Rogers looks a lot like a character in the NOM. Bob Trow is a part of that. He arrives, unmustachioed, complete with his Bob Dog costume. Rogers helps Trow get into the costume to emphasize the difference between a real dog and someone dressed as a dog. Mr. McFeely comes to take Rose for a walk. Rogers is about to start NOM when he takes a call from Mrs. McFeely. In the NOM, Chuck Aber, holding Mayor Maggie's crown, only casually discusses Queen Sara's and Mayor Maggie's trade to Prince Tuesday, the only NOM resident (apart from the unseen Grand-père) not to have been told the whole story. Aber plays "hide and find the crown" with Bob Dog. After the game, Bob Dog wants to play with Daniel, but Aber says Daniel is at school. He wonders how Prince Tuesday is reacting to the Mayor Maggie-Queen Sara trade for a day. Nancy Caterpillar lectures at school, showing a film about a caterpillar and its metamorphosis into a butterfly. Harriet Elizabeth Cow says that a child tiger grows to be an adult tiger. Prince Tuesday fears his mother will turn permanently into the Mayor of Westwood. Chuck Aber enters, telling the whole truth about the one-day-long trade to Prince Tuesday. Harriet suggests the schoolchildren could dress up at a later date. Back at the Castle, Queen Sara, dressed in Mayor's clothes, asks Miss Paulifficate to call the school. The Queen would like to speak to Prince Tuesday. Back at the television house, Rogers says that people cannot change into other people or animals. Mr. McFeely brings two more dogs, Muggsy and Molly. They discuss what is different about the dogs. Songs: Won't You Be My Neighbor?, The Truth Will Make You Free, You Are Special, Good Feeling.
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