Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Season 5 Episode 21

Arts Foundation (1)

Aired Unknown Mar 20, 1972 on PBS

Episode Recap

Rogers does several magic tricks before going to Betty's Little Theatre to see magician Charles Appel. Mr. Appel makes Betty appear. Rogers explains that Betty was behind the table. In the NOM, Lady Aberlin is trying to sell tickets to Mr. Appel's magic show. Henrietta Pussycat can't go to the show because she is sick, and all the others have their own pre-occupations. Lady Aberlin tells the magician that, in seven stops, she sold nearly one ticket (Daniel bought only half a ticket, since he had only a ½ coin). Mr. Appel performs for Daniel and Lady Aberlin, but not for long. He says he might have to sell his magic things to make money. They tell him to wait until they talk with the king tomorrow. Rogers talks about not having enough of something and feeling disappointed. He also mentions that grown ups like to give pleasure to children. Songs: Won't You Be My Neighbor?, You Are Special, Tomorrow.