Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Season 27 Episode 6

Be Yourself (1)

Aired Unknown Aug 25, 1997 on PBS

Episode Recap

Rogers goes to the neighborhood theater to se the Flying Karamazov Brothers." These men, not related to each other, are first seen juggling bowling pins, three at a time. They show Rogers a marimbaphone, which they play by juggling mallets. All the Flying Karamazov Brothers were musicians before they started juggling, and discuss how they learned to juggle. They give Rogers scarves to begin an initial juggling lesson. After the lesson, the Flying Karamazov Brothers don tap shoes for a dancing-and-juggling routine. In the NOM, Chuck Aber donates food and money to Queen Sara's Food for the World campaign. When Aber hears banging in the NOM, he and viewers search for the noise. It's at the Tree, where X the Owl asks Aber to help fix his copy machine. Inside the Tree, Aber finds X wants to give flying lessons. Aber opens the copier to find a scarf. After Aber removes the scarf, X whips out copies of his paper: "Learn to Fly." Outside the Tree, Aber tells Henrietta and Mayor Maggie of X's offering flying lessons. Back at the television house, Rogers reminds viewers that Make-Believe is like a daydream. Mr. McFeely shows Rogers a video he had asked about long before: how people make macaroni in a factory. Songs: Won't You Be My Neighbor?, You Are Special, Good Feeling.